POEMS: In Debt, Rainbow, Hope, Mighty Flea, Gay, Wasteland, Africa & Asaba


Tomorrow they will come again,
Like the once that didn’t end.
If thoughts carry, who’ll remain?
On our failures we can’t depend.

How did it come to this scare;
The solution still concentrated?
The liquid added with much care
Must have added not abated.

The only door out was a loan.
It secured; for it did get shut,
Not behind but within, alone.
The respite it gave wasn’t a lot.

Soon the answer was a question
And hinges blown off their sockets.
War regrouped and no protection;
It is too late to run to the markets.

Caught indoors and so trapped
And lost is that chance far left.
Any repeat leaves efforts strapped
As deep waters engulf all in debt.



Are we not all just one,
When prismed not alone?
The colours differently clear,
Yet all bindingly so, so near?

The red ends in violet,
And the ends all collect.
From one horizon to another,
Hued in one mystical order.

Hued in 0ne


I have you but I don’t know you,
I have heard you but not seen you.
Dunes blown to wave into a new hill,
Like desert sands, you create your feel.


And where are you off to
You little mite, busy so?
To gather as you go through
Or borrowing to hide low?

This wind that carry you
Draws a ring as you sing.
For one that reigns so true
You live shorter than you bring.

Your bite is so you can live
Like all who prey on fatality.
How true it is, in all who live,
That death is but a formality.


At birth the bloom will say
What piece in the pair stay
A plus for lives’ coupled play

In structure all living may
Grow, roam and breed away
As only possible since day

Alas, I fear the body did sway
Hearts and minds too stray
To please nothing else they gay


The heart is deceitful above all things,
Beyond cure and who understands it.
Cursed is he, who trusts man or his things;
For man depends on flesh and the strength of it.

Man whose heart turns away from Truth,
He will be like a bush in the wastelands.
He sees not prosperity when it comes forth;
Will dwell in parched places of deserted lands.

Dwelling in salty lands where no one lives,
Not like that tree planted by the water
That sends out its roots by the streams it lives
And doesn’t fear; the heat will not matter.

With the Truth, his leaves are always green.
He has no worries in a year of drought.
Never failing to bear fruit in any season,
Not like the wasteland he has made his lot.
Jeremiah 17


Darkest people ever found,
A huge pistol points wrong.
If here man got his sound;
Earth, Africa is your song.


Her entire short life is dirge like,
In her daily rounds so silly alike.
Abnormally brained, genes had made;
A persistent dirty joke, harmlessly made.

Asaba is the neighbourhood’s fool,
Nurturing our moods into a little fool.
The gloom that is her poor mind
Caresses our passions, so we mind.

In a puddle she plays herself by.
Scaring kids as she staggers by.
Gracious mums use this apt fear.
Life cannot be all good and fair.