POEMS: Patience, Friends Change, This queer ode, Choices, The Manhood in the Butterfly, Peace & Dry Tears


Wait’s lone stance eats away
And wears away hope’s ray.
That peace wrecks pride’s ego
Made patience a victor long ago.


Only those friends
Because they know you
Would dare tickle you.

Though friendship ends
As time will all change;
For time is itself change.

This very air that fends
Will one sure solemn day
End each and every single day.


Our waltz soothe the blindness
We have suffered as we yearn
For this same blank happiness
That managed us and our concern.

What force carries us on-ward;
Fair to our just wish to love,
Grills our oneness real hard;
That its aroma is seen far above.

That urge we fear to peep oft,
Chokes us with its vague numb.
And with time we waited out,
As worldly ties our hairs they comb.


Winning ways sought
Speak for their sort.
In their early thought
They very often do not.

From many we choose
With more to loose
And in all these fuss
It can only confuse.

So with cares of lusts
We live their costs;
In picking from lots
That chance is still lost.


The egg hides the being within it,
Breaks out shade, shape and sex with;
To unfold a child sprawled in the seat.

The caterpillar walks on many legs;
Learns roads, mealing its short time’s trek,
To the yearning adolescent, the world only begs.

The pupa mangles everything inside,
Reform and molding chrysalis, itself hides.
Teenage cocoons its world ready for its rides.

The butterfly spreads out its glory,
Formed and grown, coloured it does flurry;
The adult’s world flies its own story.


Sweetness can be knitted,
Not only in its taste fitted.
All man’s units appreciated,
His entire being very saturated.


Blessings come, blessings go.
What says the most
Than the weakening soul?

In the vulture’s lofty world;
Scavengeous patience,
Unholingly possible and cold.