POEMS: Philanthropy, Toddler, Stairs, Sin, Clouds of Salt, Man Must Wak & Temptation


Every moment we ably blink,
Yet it’s some big deal to wink.


Babbler’s spittle drips as crawled,
Nice rosy cheeks behind sprawled,
Innocence pure and surely brawled.


Climb or fall these stairs
With my thoughts and fears.

Cheering amidst cries,
Roaming these same lairs.

In agony no one cares
And victory everyone shares.

In dark shadows for jeers
Or painting an admirer tears.

If I ascend to what’s theirs
Or descend to suit my peers;

I can only pluck my hairs,
No one ever does satisfies.

Picking what’re life’s wares,
For my life are my own stairs.


Emerald green reigns the being,
Capable being all living green.
To scavengers’ bin cometh sin,
To prey lean the unwary being.

CLOUDS OF SALT (Hadarin Gishiri)

Sama na kiɗi,
Jiki ya ɗauka.
Hadari na biki,
Ya gaiyache iska.

Jiki na sauri,
Kowa na mushe.
Ko zafi, ko ɗari,
Gishiri sai ya jike.

Skies are drumming,
Body joins in too.
Clouds are partying,
Invited winds are too.

Body is hurrying,
All corpses are met.
Hot or chilling,
Salty must be wet.


Who talk pass words,
And taste with lips,
Chews big iron rods
Or live without piss?

Na who fit say
Only man born am.
For this old play
Man be like Ram.

Where we see peace
Someone don try.
Even if we hiss
Na food go cry?


Misty prospects in the skies
Yet this sun blurs the eyes,
While the bright light of day
Carries the whole mind astray.

The bride of shame courts
All yearnings, fantasies, lusts.
The comforts of home pushes,
Sin’s cold hands outside urges.

Can man sneeze not
Or blink like is his sort?

To run at first sighting
Or just dare all tempting,
This he never will elude;
His ways must all conclude.

Not all his wishes go to sea.
For lust, many beaches only will see.