THE SUBTLE versus THE TACIT – Lamentation of A Northern Christian

It is quite frightening that in this day and age we still have people that think the best way to make a point is not by saying it out loud or even insinuating it. I’ve found myself falling in love with the sincerity of the Muslim terrorists that abound the world over in recent times, simply because they’re saying or insinuating in the clearest terms possible, their point. It is clear to even the most naive Christian that these Muslims that especially target Christians, do not hold Christians with high regard and consider Christian lives as fair game. Believe me, I’m not being cheeky here, but completely sincere. I’ve come to respect these persons the more because they’re true to their belief & honest with me.

By their every action, these people have chosen to emphasize the obvious differences between us and taken measures to point out that I’m indeed beneath them and they consider my faith as unclean, such that they need to expunge my kind from their presence. I’ll limit my inconclusive comprehension of any continuous relationship with these people simply to my own ever obvious perception of their cruel actions towards me.

My little understanding of the Muslim faith points out that no true Muslim can deny a portion of the Muslim Sharia law without being insincere to his or her faith. This is absolutely true to any true faithful of every distinct religion, as it is obvious that there is a cardinal principle held sacred by every religion. I don’t have a single concern with this and respect this totally. It is a statement of fact that “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” and the issues I would forward as my misgivings with a different faith could easily be the most sacred principle of that faith. I know you’re waiting for the catch. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is it. There is none. But don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m conceeding to this endless injustice meted out to me and my kind either.

How do I protect myself and my faith then? Who said I need to, anyway? I don’t! Yes, I really don’t. I’m supposed to turn the other cheek and die at it, remember! And by God I’ll do just that. Well, maybe with a little variation here and there. Firstly, I’ll reach out for safety and take measures to keep safe. Then I’ll adapt myself to living outside the metaphorical world of my obvious prosecutors and try to prosper outside their sphere of existence. Finally, I’ll simply wait for that inevitable peace that will surely come. And come it will, outside my own and their own making. I’ll not reach out to them in any sot of battle and try to bomb them out of existence because I’ve my own demanding faith and my own sacred covenant with God to live up to. This is my own cardinal and holy principle, for I shall not kill me neighbour or fight for my very capable God. He told me vengeance is His. And besides, I don’t have loads of virgins and a foaming brook of beverages waiting for me in my paradise when I kill myself while trying to fight for God.

Ah…. least I forget, I’ll be running and hiding away from the most dangerous kind of Muslims too. Not the terrorists and those very vocal Imams I hear discrediting everything I hold dear over loudspeakers everyday. No I’ll be running away from those smiling friendly Muslims that tell me sorry when I’m hurt, those that sit and weep with me when my brethren are murdered. Those that debated with me over political and economic matters, pointing out to me that my churches are being bombed because of the same difficult economic situation I suffer under. I went to the same schools with these friendly Muslims. I married my sisters and brothers to them, even though I don’t likewise get theirs in return if I love them enough to wish them very healthy fruitful lives.

I work alongside them and even pray with them daily in the fields of our laborious duties and merry pastimes. They wear the same clothes as I, read the same books, listen to the same music and watch the same films. They’re every bit like me and are in the complete majority, compared to my tormentors who are clearly a very vocal and vicious minority. Yet they do not warn me or fight for me or expose them. They say it is bad that I’m subjected to this terror and then they blame those who cause my pain, to my own hearing but not to my deadly prosecutors’ hearing. They stress every other possible reason for my woes but not the arm that struck me with death. They show the role of the polity in my present state, pointing out the consequences that I suffer but not the person that killed my family as they worshipped or my brethren when they converged to bury them.

They ask me to blame some distant corrupt Politician while my own equally starving Muslim neighbour is actually the one killing me and identifying himself to the whole world clearly for what he did. I fear them more and respect the terrorist more. The terrorist is true to me because he slaps the same cheek they had kissed many times. I rather they both just slapped me long ago, so I would have taken to my bleeding heels and run away to safety, away from the terrorists I know and the friends I don’t recognize.

I can not aspire to a theory that doesn’t substantiate the fact before me and the fact is there are self identified Muslims in Northern Nigeria killing Christians. Every Nigerian Christian should have no doubt that this presents certain and clear danger. As such they must protect themselves from both the dangerous actions and unhelpful inactions that surround them. This is the greatest of all evil to the safe existence of Nigeria today and the real current evil to the aspirations of our so called ‘young democracy’ and economy.

Nigerians Christians will never retaliate as a unit, but they will also not be distracted away from their real enemy at the moment by the economic issues and difficulties, even as they try to bury their dead in peace over and over again. Those who claim that we are all fighting the same course and the same common enemy but don’t call for anti-terrorist marches and labour strikes, we appeal to you to veer our way. Those who remember to sing the national anthem every one hour and spare a minute silence for their fellow Nigerians who are being killed in their worship places, homes and business place, we ask you to make us your main issue. Not only in the streets as roam with your cardboards full of anti government slogans, but also in your civilized heart, your peaceful homes, in your vocal utterances, in your solemn prayers and in your obvious anti-terrorists actions.

For those that torment and kill us or allow this terror to punctuate our harmless way of life, the blood of the innocent you spill or let spill will flood all your peace and call you out to account for your actions and in actions, where ever you are. These terrorists struck both our cheeks and didn’t spare our heads because hate has blinded them with what they lack, true faith in their God to fight their battles and His. There is no end to their evil quest because it could as easily bring every one into its fold. They got tired of waiting for the expected Christian retaliations, that didn’t not come and then they struck innocent southerners resident in the north at their clan meetings, giving southerners deadlines to cross over to their side of Nigerian with the hope that by veering towards other ethnic groupings they would get the desired response and trigger off another civil war.

Tomorrow, what is to stop them from calling for the heads of Muslims of other sects? None of this is new if you are a follower of world happenings. Why can they not shout out their misgiving in the streets or through their elected legislature members like other beleaguered but civilized Nigerians and earthlings of every creed and faith do? Maybe it is just so true that ‘when you argue with an idiot, someone else listening may not know the difference’ and we are the civilized idiots they do not want to be identified with? The present fear is as Christians are being shot indiscriminately and are forced to hide away in fear as they bury their dead, they aren’t sure their patience is worthwhile anymore.