Walked the streets of time,
Shine, lime and slime all mine.
Feasted on the sound and hype,
Swallowed their mess or its like.

Life is any game of choices
With only too many forces.
The world is its playground
For its grown-ups with sound.

As laziness enjoys much rest
Deprivation teaches the best.
Humble are all the best needy,
Craving the means of the greedy.

Seeing our race with time,
And how poorly we rhyme.
Watching our feeble shine,
Learning all the miserable time.


I try wetin I fit
With all dem gist.
I join, cook, wait!
Water yet, no meat.


That haste of taste
All too late to waste.


In so many eggs
Form these pests,
With hairy legs
And little nests.

Homelessly so
They come alive.
Into lives they saw
Like a heartless knife.

Hollow dreams,
Misty realizations.
Spiteful screams
Claps consolations.

Hopes are meals
Infected in feeding.
Health it steals
With insidious seasoning.

Into lives
Glide monsters,
Flee and leaves
Sorrow in clusters.

Sightless lie
Full of might,
Visible fly
Trading fright.

Coming true
In various ways.
Ever they’re new
In buzzing forays.

Mail your worst,
Untrue are lies.
Come the most
You’re just flies.


From where comes all this dew,
Delighting thoughts with to chew.

Soothing pressures that boo,
But sound frightfully so lewd.

I grabbed the wind horn I blew,
For I alone do hear it so true.

A loss I think I’ll cause you,
The pains might escape a few.

My swift scheme hardly new,
Like good cheats daring who.

Life is the full pot of new stew
Emotional foot found with its shoe.


And come
It home.

That window;
Our mirror.

It makes
As wakes.

Another date
For fate.

Another day.
Oops, away!

Lets pray
And say.

The morrow
Will show

Us about,
Run, shout;

Shoulders high,
“Tomorrow’s here!”

4 thoughts on “POEMS: Learning, Common, Sweet, Flies and Lies, Suicide & Tomorrow

    1. I try to put down my thoughts the way I actually feel them, without trying to garnish them to suit other people’s perceptions I had probably read over the years. As such the intensity is truly genuine. Thanks

    1. The whole idea is to try out other ways of writing. There is nothing wrong with being conventional, but it wasn’t always the norm, was it now?

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