With what comes where
And how follows when.
For the lost will ever fear
And the found never learn.

Faith lives and all own.
What’s seen is received
And again left all alone;
Like all believed, conceived.

The mind roams no course,
Thoughts feel their own way.
For many, their remorse
To others beacons a bay.

In the quest for source,
The search is the force.
Its hunger is blinding
And its timing, binding.

Many has sight failed,
More will lust then wish.
The senses’ boxes mailed;
Multitudes fed on their dish.

If mind had one more sense,
It will be its chosen thought;
Which is just another lens.
For faith, it has always sought.


Not this push’s cure to be read,
Bought or however with all science.

Sought o’er but never had,
Thought never bore its conscience.

Brought ever near and sad,
Doubt never the lurking consequence.

Fought only to severe till mad,
Naught all to sever its laid sequence.

Caught ever, history has said.
Though ever pinches, it is all nonsense.


Sheepish dumb, eating schooled.
Shaggy wool worn; looks the fooled.
Simply gentle and calm for sure.
Story of yours is for the pure.
Sovereign lord wished no more.

Goatee presence, ever the sharp.
Greedy, parentless, adorable chap.
Goody oh, all lively and bold.
Gullible sexist, rearing coined gold.
God must’ve let off your hold.


Sower that plants me, shower that wets me,
Power that grows me, mower that cuts me.

23 thoughts on “POEMS: Faith, Pressure, Sheep to Goat & Lord

  1. Are these connected? They seem to be. The ending one is very powerful and the sheep too. All of them. You have a very original voice. Good luck! K.

  2. I love the last one – so simple, yet so powerful. When I was a girl we raised sheep on my farm – so I also especially relate to the sheep! 🙂

    1. I am glad you liked it. I hope you got the gist of it too, lots of commentators missed it at first but got it later. Sheep to Goat explores the transformation of the generality of the human character from that of a humble meek sheep to that of the gullible bashful goat.

      1. Hmmm – I didn’t get gullible and bashful from the goat, after the sexist and coined references. I’ll have to reread it! But I guess that is also the power of poetry – from so few words, there can be so many personal interpretations! It would be interesting to sit down with the poet and ask what they had in mind for their own work!

      2. That would be quite an experience, you know. I can just see my self sitting with Wordsworth! Poetry is indeed a very powerful tool to unlock the mind with, when we set about it right

  3. Very intriguing poems. I’m not sure I comprehended all of the images (as in parts of “Faith” the first poem) yet I wanted to keep reading and am glad I did.

    1. The image hopefully created in FAITH is best comprehended from the concept of `Conscious Blindness` attached to faith generally. I am glad you looked in. Thanks

  4. You have related something so profound and beautiful with your writing, I especially enjoyed reading “Faith” and “Lord” thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading more of your work =) Take care, Que

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