I am making friends all over the place and a model-like favorite of mine; camgal, tagged me with a delightful reminder of how important it is for the blogging community to learn more about its own & show them off too.

So brace up kids & you’re it!

Here are the rules, read them, they are important
1. You must post the rules.
2. You must post eleven fun facts about yourself.
3. You must answer the questions your tagger set for you
4. You must create eleven questions to ask the people you tag.
5. Tag eleven people and link them on your post.
6. Let them know you have tagged them.

So here are 11 fun facts about myself ……

I am tall & I have problems with doors & ceiling fans.
I do not like horror films & don’t see the point in them!
I read a lot & read a number of books simultaneously.
I love classical music & sleep or read with music playing.
I enjoy driving on highways or hiking anywhere.
I make friends with ladies easier & have few male friends.
I find the concept of Gay persons intriguingly misconstrued.
I love kids stuff, Cartoons strips & adore kids to a fault.
I adore Williams Shakespeare & Wordsworth & Leon Uris.
I keep to myself mostly but love feisty heated debates often.
I like making others happy & quite often get hurt as a result.

Answers to questions from camgal

1- If you were a spy and had to make up 3 Aliases and Be from 3 different countries, what names and countries would you choose?

I will stick to a single name: Man Fang & I could easily be A Native American, A Chinese man & A Nigerian from one of the southeastern coast ethnicity groupings.

2- What is your worst vacation spot?

The noisy, hot & speculative city of Lagos, Nigeria,

3- Would you overcome your greatest fear if you were offered half of a million dollars?

I do not think so because I dread being imprisoned & a million dollars could as easily imprison me or hasten my route to being caged.
4- Imagine you were about to get killed by terrorists, what would you do?
Take some of them with me & save as many innocent persons as possible; not necessarily in that other
5- If you owned a billion dollar company, what kind of company would it be?
It will be one that sells the most essential live-saving drugs at very affordable prices.
6- What are your best memories since you started blogging?
Finding out how easily I could put my work out there & having it read by lots of interested people, was a huge revelation. I cherish that sole memory endlessly.
7- If you could go back in time would you make all the choices you made or would you change things and what kind of things?
I will make the same wrong & right choices definitely because I still wouldn’t know how the renewed changes would turn out anyway. That is confusing eh? Well that is the sheer abnormality of the concept of time travel. It is ridiculous!

8- Do you find blogging about whatever it is you blog about- EASY/MEDIUM/DIFFICULT and why?

EASY, but that is only because I love writing for writing sakes.

9- What kind of music are you into and who are you worst artists?

I love classical & Praise singers; not the church sorts, annoy me.

10- What kind of novels do you read and who are your best writers?

Fiction based on history & poetry with tangible imagery based on intangible thoughts. I adore Williams Shakespeare & Wordsworth & Leon Uris
11- How odd were these questions and did you find them hard to answer?
The first question about being a spy was weird but all the others were rather conventional & easy enough.

My list of honors & not victims;

Rhonda ; I guess there IS a cure for the incurable!
Subhan Zein
Sharmishtha Basu
Life is an Exquisite Journey

My questions for your answering!

If you really had the option of changing your name, identity & nationality, would you & to what, if you could?
What do you thing is the reasons why some people are gay & other are not?
If you alone knew for certain when you will die, would you rather keep it a secret or tell anyone?
Do you think you will be a lot happier of you were a lot more different from what you are now?
If you had the choice of killing someone painlessly, to save them and prevent them from an agonizingly slowly death, would you?
What is cruelest comment you had made on somebody else`s blog post, was it honestly made & would you take it back if you could?
Has blogging made a world of difference in your life?
Do you have any particular event that you could quite clearly identify as the most life altering occurrence in your life?
Do you think educated people are a lot friendlier & more sincere than uneducated persons?
What are the most difficult choices you made & would you change these choices if you had a foolproof chance to do so?
What is the longest time you have kept a secret & did you let it out intentionally finally or someone else did?

Please do endeavor to play along & keep the tag flow going.


10 thoughts on “IT’S STILL FUN TO PLAY TAG!

  1. Nice to know you’re from Nigeria as well & ooh I didn’t know I was one of your favourites ;;)lol. This was really good & was happy to see that you also adore William Shakespeare, Willaim Wordsworth & Leon Uris..have you read his novel QB7? I think it might interest you if you haven’t already read it. Keep it up alright.- Camgal

    1. What are the odds?! Incredible! So you’re a Nigerian too! And there I was thinking you were Jamaican or a Haitian!!

      I find you posts refreshingly new & not pretentious in the least! A couple of them gave ideas I’m trying to expand.

      You appear quite promising & I will encourage you to keep at it!

      It is nice to know you better. Keep in touch! Cheers.

      1. You surely don’t look in any unique way like someone from the Carrebean Islands. I really can’t remember why I thought so, maybe its something you wrote or how you wrote it, that sounded like the tiny Islanders. I remember teasing you about being a model, I think!

        That could be it, you know! If most of the people who think you’re from the Islands are dudes, then it must be because they visualise you on a beach & ‘You’ll look stunning in a bikini!’ (serious joke) Take care of yourself my sister. Thanks

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