A life of endless Toiling


To live his sure life, man must always eat;
But the bread he seeks is so hard to meet,
So he lies that he grows his very own wheat.


The sun and all that is light,
As moon with stars all grow dark.
Clarity as sharpness looses sight,
Blackness embraces and mind lack.

Keepers tremble and men stoop,
Grinders cease and are few.
The limbs slowing to the stop.
And what are teeth barely chew.

As again clouds return after rain,
The two window lookers grow dim.
The whole worlds as a haze remain;
For the eyes’ sight grows ever so thin.

The doors to streets are closed
And sounds of grinding all fade.
Living excludes its exposed;
And earned sound recedes as made.

Men rise up at birds’ sound,
But all their songs grow faint.
Rise early till slumber is found,
As hearing takes no more paint.

Then men are afraid of heights
And of the dangers in the streets.
The unable body stays in nights,
Safely home away from days’ hits.

Surely the almond tree blossoms
As the grasshopper drags along.
The head’s fur age overcomes,
Like it does the body to it belong.

All desire kinds no longer stir
As nothing else bears its fun.
Overwhelmed not by all here,
But by the ending of the run.

Time takes a shade yet again
As it is shorten with everyday.
Hurrying is slower and in pain
And waiting easier, a long delay.

Severed is the silver string
Or the golden bowl is broken.
Pitcher is shattered at the spring,
Everything here is forgotten.

The wheel broken at the well
And mourners go about the streets.
When the eternal home takes the fell,
As man goes amidst only wreaths.

As the living extinguishes in all men;
Dust returns to the ground it is from.
And at the very earthly ebbing end,
To God who gave it, spirit returns home.
Ecclesiates 12

Give us this day……

One huge blur common humanity


Educate the mind
And feed the soul.
Where else do find
Such daunting a goal.

Bread for the souls,
This bred their mind;
Woven common goals
Their oneness to find.

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