POEMS: Afraid of common fear & Hypocrites

Our hidden fears create a climate of anxiety & we
scarcely know why we are even afraid

Afraid of our reflection & shadow


We’re afraid so much of necessary failure,
Of what others think of us and of the future
And the past gone and now; just afraid.

We seldom show our consuming phobia fear,
They’re pushed to sub consciousness, left there.
There they swell up and fester; being afraid.

Our hidden fears create a climate of anxiety;
Scarcely knowing why we’re afraid, its insanity.
But still live on like this, basically afraid.

Let the dog with the a dry nose bark first


Those who curse the dog’s wet nose,
Let them please cast the first stone.
It can’t wag its tongue mouth close
As they commonly do on their own.
It barks its reason like all of those
Who do but wouldn’t leave it alone.

Those who curse the weaknesses of others,
Let them please cast the first stone if they’ve none

POEM: The Dove on the Distant Oak

The symbolic tree

The Dove on the Distant Oak

Further than man would reach
Perch the Dove high on wood.
That old acorn time’s search
Created to fit man’s own hood.

In the air up and so distant;
Safe from man’s own filth,
The Oak hosts for an instant
That hatchling of man’s guilt.

Seen and called with a but,
Calm as it coos with love.
If faith and love shows not,
Then above remains the Dove.

The Message Came as a man

POEMS: Battle of the Cells & Just Being Myself

Fittest for survival


Who must come first,
Males or the females?
This knowledge a thirst
That quenches with cells.

If what is common birth
Forms females or males;
Supremacy is their myth,
Caged within each cells.

Survival of the fittest


When we simply had met
After our identity had left
Our bodies and minds alone,
With knowledge of our own.

God is that dual twilight
We query as we delight;
At dawn to seek favour
Or dusk when we murmur.

Who we show respect
Builds as we do expect;
Not on age but the score,
As at present not before.

We know just our own,
Just as it is so borne.
We forge ourselves on
To form our own fun.

We please ourselves first;
It’s human that others’re next.
In reverse we are selfless,
And just as Divine, no less.

Individually Unique

POEMS: One hundred and nineteen (A poetic paraphasing of Pslam 119)

The book of psalms

Blessed’re they whose ways’re blameless,
Who walk according to His laws and no less.
Blessed’re they who keep His statutes
And seek Him with all their heart’s truths.
Nothing wrong they do or say;
They just walk in only His way.
Your precepts You have all laid,
That they are to be fully obeyed.
Oh, that my ways were steadfast
In obeying all Your decrees cast!
I would not be put to any shame then,
When Your commands I consider, all of them.
I will praise You with an upright heart
And learn Your righteous laws by light.
I will follow and obey Your decrees;
Do not utterly forsake me Lord, please.

How can the youth keep his ways pure?
But by living according to Your word sure.
I seek You, Lord with all my heart;
Do not let me stray from Your firm light.
I have hidden Your word in my heart
That I might not sin against Your might.
Praise be to You, O mightiest Lord;
Teach me forever Your decrees and word.
With my lips I recount the total amount
Of the laws that come from Your mouth.
I rejoice in following all Your statute
As one rejoice in great riches with youth.
I meditate on Your precepts
And consider Your concepts.
I delight in Your decrees Lord;
I will not neglect Your word.

Do good to Your servant and I will live;
I will obey Your word and not sieve.
Open my eyes that I may see all;
Wonderful things in Your gracious law.
I am always a stranger in this very world,
Don’t hide from me Your commands and word.
My soul is consumed with the longing;
For Your laws at all times, I’m yearning.
You rebuke the arrogant, who’ve cursed,
Who stray from Your command nursed.
Remove from me all scorn and contempt
For I keep Your statutes as they’re meant.
Though rulers jointly sit and slander me,
Your servant will meditate on Your decree.
Your statutes are always my delight;
They are my counselors and my light.

I am laid low in the very dusty world,
Preserve my life according to Your word.
I recounted my ways and You heard me.
Teach me Your decrees and answer me.
Teach me to understand all Your precepts,
Then I’ll meditate on Your wonderful concepts.
With such painful sorrow is my weary soul,
Strengthen me according to Your sole goal.
Keep me away from all deceitful ways,
Be gracious to me with Your law always.
I’ve chosen the truthful ways of Yours.
I have set all my heart on Your laws.
I hold fast to Your statutes, O Lord.
Do not let me be put to shame, O God.
I run in the path of Your decree
For You set my whole heart free.

Teach me, O Lord, to follow Your decrees.
I will keep them to the end without cease.
Give me understanding, with all my heart.
I will keep Your law and obey it in my act.
Direct in Your command’s own path,
For I know there I will find delight.
Turn my heart towards Your statutes
Not towards selfish gain and mistruths.
Turn my eyes away from a worthless thing,
Preserve my life according to words You bring.
Fulfill Your promise to Your servant.
That You may be feared, all You want.
Take away all the disgrace I dread,
For Your laws are good and bread.
How I long for Your precepts in my life,
Preserve me in Your righteousness and rite.

May Your unfailing love come, O good Lord,
As salvation according to Your promise, O God.
Then I will answer the one who taunts me,
For I trust in Your every word and decree.
Don’t snatch the truth from my mouth,
For in Your laws my hope has worth.
I will always obey Your law forever,
I walk free for I seek Your precepts ever.
I will speak of Your statutes before kings
And I wouldn’t be shamed by their makings.
I do delight in Your commands, O God,
For I love them so, my Almighty Lord.
I lift up my hands to Your commands, I love;
And I meditate on Your decrees, set above.

Remember, to Your servant You gave Your word,
For You have given me this great hope, Lord.
My comfort in my suffering is this;
Your promise preserve my life as it is.
The arrogant mock me without restraint
But I do not turn from Your laws, but wait.
I remember Your ancient laws, my God,
And I find comfort in all of them, O Lord.
Indignation grips me because of the wicked
Who have forsaken Your law and are naked.
Your decrees are the theme of my song,
Wherever I lodge there they do belong.
In the night I remember Your holiest name
And O Lord, I will keep Your law and fame.
This has always been my main practice;
To always obey Your precepts and decrees.

You are my only portion, O Lord;
I’ve promised to obey Your word.
I’ve sought Your face with my heart all;
Be as gracious as You promised, I recall.
I have considered my ways all,
And turned my steps to Your law.
I will hasten and not delay, never!
I will obey Your commands, ever!
Though the wicked bind me with rope,
I will never forget Your law and hope.
I rise to give You thanks at midnight
For Your righteous laws and might.
I am a sure friend to all who fear You,
And all who follow Your precepts too.
The earth is filled with Your love, O Lord.
Always teach me Your decrees, O God.

Lord, to Your servant do every good
According to Your word as You would.
Teach me knowledge and good judgments,
For I believe in all Your commandments.
Before I was afflicted I went astray,
But now I obey Your word and stay.
You’re good and what You do is good;
Teach me Your decrees like eating food.
Though arrogants have smeared me with a lie,
Your precepts in my heart will forever lie.
Their hearts are callous and unfeeling,
But I delight in Your law so unfailing.
It was good for me to be so afflicted,
That I might learn Your decrees fitted.
The law from Your mouth is more precious to me
Than thousands of pieces of silver and gold I see.

Your hands made me and formed all of me;
Understanding to learn Your commands give me.
May those who fear You rejoice when me they see,
For I have put my hope in Your word and decree.
I know, O lord, righteous is every of Your law
And in faithfulness You have afflicted me more.
May Your unfailing love be my sole comfort,
As You promised Your servant and his consort.
Let Your compassion come that I may live,
For Your law is my delight and I do believe.
May arrogates be shamed in wronging me causelessly.
I will mediate on Your precepts and law ceaselessly.
May those who fear You turn to me,
Those who understand Your decree.
May my heart be blameless toward Your laws,
That I may not be shamed for I am all Yours.

My soul faints with longing for Your salvation,
But I have put my hope in Your word in motion.
My eyes fail, looking for Your promised way;
“When will You comfort me?” I would say.
Though I am like a wineskin in the smoke,
I do not forget all those decrees You spoke.
How long must Your servant wait for?
When will You punish my persecutor?
The arrogant dig pitfalls for me,
Contrary to Your law and decrees.
All Your commands are very trustworthy;
Help me from persecution, unjust and faulty.
They almost wiped me from this world,
But I have not forsaken Your very word.
Preserve my life according to this love of Yours,
And I will obey every one of Your spoken laws.

Your statutes and word, O Lord, is eternal;
It stands firm in the heavens, not temporal.
Your faithfulness continues through generations,
You established earth, it endures on its foundations.
Your laws endures to this very day,
For all things serve You in every way.
If Your law had not been my own delight,
I would’ve perished in my afflicted plight.
All Your precepts I would forget never,
For by then You’ve preserved me forever.
My Lord save me, for I am all Yours;
I’ve sought out Your precepts and laws.
The wicked are waiting to destroy me,
But I’ll ponder Your statutes and decree.
To all perfections I see there is always a limit;
But Your commands are ever boundless, I admit.

Oh Lord, how I love Your law!
Day long I meditate on it all.
Your laws make me wiser than my enemies,
For they’re ever with me and will not cease.
Than all my teachers I have more insight,
For I meditate on Your statutes that enlight.
I have more understanding than any elder,
For I obey Your precepts not because I’m older.
I have not departed from Your laws,
You Yourself taught me what is Yours.
How sweet are Your words to my taste,
Sweeter to my mouth than honey paste.
From Your precepts understanding I gain;
Therefore I hate every wrong path again.

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light for my path, I admit.
I have taken an oath and also confirmed it,
That I’ll follow Your righteous laws, I insist.
I have suffered much, preserve my life;
Lord, only according to Your words’ might.
Accept, the willing praise of my mouth;
O Lord, teach me Your laws I sought.
Though I constantly take my life in my hands,
I will not forget Your laws over all the lands.
The wicked have set their snares for me,
But I’ve not strayed from Your precepts I see.
Your statutes are my heritage forever;
They are the only joy of my heart, ever.
My heart is set on keeping Your decrees,
To the very end of things, I am on my knees.

I hate double-minded men,
But I love Your laws, amen.
You are my refuge and my shield;
I’ve put my hope in Your word sealed.
Away from me, you evil doers, away;
That to keep the commands of my God I may.
Sustain me according to Your promise and I’ll live;
Do not ever let my hopes be dashed for I believe.
Uphold me and I will surely be delivered;
For Your decrees I’ll always have regard.
You reject all who stray from Your decrees,
For their deceitfulness is in vain and will cease.
All the wicked of the earth You discard like dross;
Therefore I love every one of Your statutes, the gross.
My flesh trembles in fear of You;
I stand in awe of Your laws so true.

I have done what is righteous and just;
Do not leave me to my oppressors’ lust.
Ensure Your servant’s entire well-being;
Let not the arrogant oppress my well-being.
My eyes fail, looking for Your stated salvation,
Looking for Your righteous promise in every nation.
Deal with Your servant according to Your love
And teach me Your decrees straight from above.
I am Your servant; give me some of Your discernment
That I may understand Your statutes and commandment.
It is time for You to act, O Lord;
Your law is being broken, O God.
Because I love Your command so much more,
More than the world’s gold, than gold so pure.
And because I consider all Your precepts right,
I have come to hate every single wrong path.

Your statutes are so wonderful;
Therefore I obey them all in full.
The unfolding of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple in sight.
I open my mouth and in awe gasp,
Longing for Your commands to grasp.
Turn to me and have mercy on my ways,
As You do to those who love Your name always.
Direct my footsteps according to Your word;
Let no sin rule over me in this sinful world.
Redeem me from the oppression of men,
That I may obey all Your precepts, amen.
Upon Your servant make Your face shine
And teach me all Your decrees in time.
From my eyes stream of tears flows,
For they are not obeyed, Your laws.

Righteous are You, O good Lord,
And right are Your laws and word.
The statutes You’ve laid down are righteous;
They are fully trustworthy and so courteous.
My zeal wears me out and I am sore,
For my enemies Your words they ignore.
Your promises have been tested thoroughly
And Your servant loves all of them fully.
Though I’m lowly and despised, lord;
I do not forget Your precept and word.
Your righteousness is everlasting,
Your law is as true as it is lasting.
Trouble and distress have become my plight,
But Your commands are always my delight.
All Your statutes are right forever;
Give me understanding to live forever.

I call with all my heart, answer me,
And O Lord, I will obey Your decree.
I call out to You, save me my Lord
And I will keep Your statutes, O God.
I rise and cry for help before dawn;
I’ve put my hope in words of Your own.
My eyes are open to watch the night late,
That on Your promise I may meditate.
Hear my voice in accordance with Your love;
Preserve my life according to Your laws above.
Those who devise wicked schemes are near,
But they are yet so far from Your laws I fear.
O Lord, You are ever so near and set,
And all Your commands are truly met.
I learned from Your statutes long ago past;
That You established them to forever last.

Look upon my suffering and deliver me,
For I’ve not forgotten Your law and decree.
Defend my cause and redeem me please;
Preserve my life according to Your promise.
Salvation for the wicked is ever so very far,
For they do not seek out Your decrees as they are.
Your compassion is so great, O Lord;
Preserve me according to Your laws, O God.
Many are the foes who persecute me,
But I’ve not turned from Your decree.
I look on the many faithless with loathe,
For they do not obey Your word’s worth.
See how I love Your precepts from above;
Preserve my life according to Your love.
All Your words are true and final;
All Your righteous laws are eternal.

Rulers persecute me without any just cause,
But my heart trembles at Your word with no pause.
I rejoice in Your promise and toil
Like one who finds great spoil.
Falsehood I hate and abhor,
But I do really love Your law.
Seven times a day I praise You
For Your righteous laws so true.
Great peace have they who Your law they love,
And nothing can make them stumble or shove.
I wait for Your salvation hands
And I follow Your commands.
I obey Your statutes surely,
For I love them so greatly.
I obey Your precepts and statutes too,
For all my ways are known to You.

May all my cries come before You, O Lord;
Give me understanding according to Your word.
May my supplication come before You;
According to Your promise deliver me too.
May my lips overflow with praise,
For You teach me all Your decrees.
May my tongue sing of Your every word,
For all Your commands are righteous, Lord.
May Your hand be ready to help me,
For I have chosen Your precepts to see.
O Lord, I so long for Your salvation,
And Your law is my delight and nation.
Let me live that I may praise You,
And may Your laws sustain me too.
Seek me, I’ve strayed like a lost sheep,
For I’ve not forgotten Your commands keep.


Absolutely Brilliant. I am reblogging this piece for one reason mainly; no one & no written piece has ever come this close to my exact thoughts about poetry.

Ink Artology

I am not a poet

I am a person

to whom poetry happens

This fundamental

creative act with language

evokes emotional and sensual

responses to the senses

A power that defines

new meaning to a word

then encourages that word

to become apparent

Flaunting the soul

that few attempt to grasp

and most allow to slip through



in their inoculated

world of

shallow undertakings

of self-centred

bygones that

follow into their future

without thinking

how or why

For surely it is

a sad thing in this world

that people live

in an unpoetic manner

For a poem

is not just isolated

to words on paper

a poem

is a way

of identifying the world

and of oneself

© Suzi Yammouni

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POEMS: Who is the pagan?

As prayers hover in endless wait

Beating drums sing their faith;
Wailing faith’s revelry is late.
Tears of men will disappoint yet;
As prayers hover in endless wait.

Spirituality is not religion and
The spirit’s faith made the man.
For here hinges hope men sang;
They say who really is the pagan.

Men will disappoint


Recently I took a delightful walk into the wild.

The hidden sun illuminated smoky clouds

It was such a beautiful day and the hidden sun illuminated smoky clouds in the pale light blue sky. All the thick green high trees were in a humid shade. Not far into the rich moist vegetation I came across the biggest mushroom I have ever seen right in the center of the foot path i was walking on. It looked harmless enough and edible too, a promising prospect. But because I know second to nothing about mushrooms, I had no way of telling if it was indeed the poisonous kind. It had me thinking, I could be talking about people; couldn’t I?

Looks edible & trustworthy

The old borrow a lesson more old,
Taken from the depths of age itself.
Passed down with memories long told,
In spoken words or read off a shelf.

Plants are green or of the green,
Their roots bring in the nutrients.
Edible or not, monstrous or serene;
Fauna’s use of the greenery is strength.

Proud with blossoms loud in colour,
Conquering as weeds warring away;
Mighty giant canopies in sorrow,
Serving clean air as lively wood they lay.

It is the nature of all men to be;
Seek, achieve and demand credit.
In every act, subtle as it so be;
To identify glory and apportion merit.

Then the mushroom sprouts out,
Wet dew with and like its dawn;
For that short while it’s all about,
Like a lowly placed but lethal pawn.

Good or bad?

If humility is an attitude of the mind;
Humbly conditioned and selfless,
Then humiliation it doesn’t ever find;
Nor wallow away in any such sadness.

Sneaking simple acts of goodness,
The mushroom delights in subtle ways.
Beneath the canopies’ high mightiness,
Or humble in the low lawns it strays.

As yet its acts could be as noxious;
Quiet as they harmlessly look or seem,
A mushroom can harm and kill the conscious,
Like the humble act could be very mean.

But in a wanton quest for the simple
Mushrooms that true nature man persist;
Just as a ramification of egoism in people;
Humility is the worst form of conceit.

CAIN’S WIFE – (Repeat)

Vaguely Known

Timya’s mother left her matrimonial village when Timya was only six. That is the much Timya knows and she wasn’t the type to make a fuss about things. Timya’s mother never told her why she left or why she couldn’t take the sting of her hurting pride any more, she had to run away from her husband’s house.

She fought with only her expression and bold appearances but deep down in her heart, she didn’t even try. The hate that escorts the earliest feeling of betrayal in its onset, made her irrational. So without giving it enough thought, she took Timya out one moonlit night and left the village with the little girl.

When Timya grew into a much ridiculed twelve year old in a distant village, she gave her a curt excuse. She told Timya that her father took a second wife and betrayed them both. As a simple and short explanation, it appeared indeed the briefest honest truth. She had seen all the insinuating eyebrows flick and twitch, as she went by and she decided she should be pampered with attention to placate her betrayed and hurt feelings or else?

When the community took its accustomed wicked sympathetic stance, letting her wallow in the glare and blare of abject comprehensive humour, she had rebelled. And when Timya had asked to be reunited with her father, her mother accepted without a single blink in protest, revealing the real strain of so many long years of yearning for this reunion.

Her eagerness was even more pronounced by the swiftness of her response and before the next evening, a visibly excited Timya was welcomed into her father’s large empty compound by only a very cheerful seventeen year old lad, her mother introduced as her elder brother, Ponjul.

“His smile carried the sun rays’ sparkle, I can see honesty in his eyes. His moist lips made up words that said nothing, yet my heart understood them, for it nodded vigorously within me.”

Ponjul’s gaily character contrasted his childhood in that reason defying manner that moulds goodness out of visible meanness. His step-mother had completely governed their lives in the most dictatorial way that ensured she was the cat in their discreet rodent lives. His gentled, subdued father was the famous Tiger she tamed completely, in the most bizarre manner possible. It was simply explained with traditionally relied quick resignation; as some mystically induced, diabolically administered mind controlling magic. That conveniently became the logical theory.

In the two lack luster years she reigned in their lives, the beautiful love shared between father and son, was the one thing she couldn’t truly destroy. It paused when she appeared, looked away when she passed and hid if she tarried, but it was always there. It glowed in their eyes, lit up the inside of the outwards misery she had made their lives. She accepted there was nothing she could do about their real love for each other, it drove her mad with even more hate. So she kept picking at the hapless lad.

Like she did to all her previous husbands, she left the boy’s father for the very next man that caught her fancy. And just two years after his second marriage, Ponjul’s step mother had left again. Ponjul rejoiced, but her leaving was killing his father, the disappointment of it was, at least. If ego had indeed kept Napoleon’s dreams alive, then pride ‘waterlooed’ him.

Ponjul’s father’s pride wouldn’t let him admit his error. His ego ate him up. For those two years he was married to his second wife, he ‘zombied’ about to her every whim. In the four years that followed her departure he was mostly bed ridden, drunk with sorrow. Ponjul nursed him and painstakingly fend for them both.

“Take the full meaning of love; with a complete comprehension of its truest good essence, you’ll find that love at first sight is one of the world’s greatest ever contradictions. Love grows; it’s not found. She must have another hold on me surely.”

It was planned to be a very brief visit but Timya and her mother just stayed on. It was like an out of season rainfall that fell down unannounced. The seasoned flora does not refuse it. They embraced its relief to the fullest and joined the malnourished ground to feed on its wet and refreshing goodness.

Their generously shared effortless smiles and laughter radiated ceaselessly, very loud joy and a highly mobile good health returned to their small family. Who doubts the healing power of happiness? Their parents were back together and the world was so friendly and playful for Ponjul and Timya, respectively.

They siblings paired in this new world of their own making and they waltzed together inside its unique magnetic field, to the proud glory of their parents and admiration of the whole village community. The same community which had its archaic age old advice ignored and rendered obnoxious, shamelessly came out with a gaily merriment to join in the family’s new found revelry.

Entirely mindless of the harm it had done and the timeless pain it had caused the innocence of the family, the same community now wants all the good credit as the family flourished. Timya and Ponjul became very close and as the years spoke their piling time. Then the people piffled as it became increasingly evident that Timya and Ponjul lived for only each other first.

Their parents shrugged it off but it was too obvious that their affection for one another was not like other siblings’. No young man got Timya’s attention, nor a single young girl get that of Ponjul. All those years of being apart from this kind of cozy, all surrendering trust and union, had made their minds a convenient receptacle for the overflow of the instant affection that had been indefinitely kept in their respective hearts’ vast reservoirs.

“The captivating truth of the honesty in a fully grown affection is that it is devoid of any real form of tangible attraction and I wonder if this is the only flaw in my desire for his affection”

The View is Dense

When marriage had, with its characteristic charlatanry, sang its song in all other homes in their village year after year, Ponjul and Timya’s parents finally saw the need to do something about their children’s lack of interest in other relationships other than the only one they tenaciously shared in its solely emotional personification. The decision came seven years after the family reunited. It was evidently seven years late, it was to soon appear.

Without consulting Ponjul and Timya, marriages were arranged for each one of them separately and secretly. From the very next village a husband was gotten for Timya and from their own village, a wife for Ponjul. It was announced publicly the night before their erstwhile secretly organized wedding feast; which they had been misled to think was for an unmarried close cousin.

They were only told when their family’s compound was densely full with well wishers and both of them were well secured and restrained from whatever reaction they might have thought up or planned. Still they remained calm in their outward behaviour, though definitely as shocked as subdued. Ponjul listened to his peers banter all through the evening as they kept watch over him in his quarters, like they had been well instructed to.

Timya knitted and hummed softly under her breath as she watched the women prepare their joint wedding feast’s local unfermented drinks. The fear everyone had earlier entertained of their verbal rejection, accompanied by a physically stressed resistance was allayed hesitantly. But there aroused the worry that the mute acceptance they where communicating reeked of a very dishonest resignation that will culminate in a similar case of matrimonial displeasure for both their imposed spouses.

“The persistence of any sincere feeling to surface in a blatantly hostile and unrelentingly badly accommodative environment, should clearly speak for its subsequent intent and projected motives that aren’t obviously ulterior. How can I say this to all those I love and not hurt their love for me?”

Silent as the night, they stole away as everyone else slept. They made for the hills with their small wraps of traveling essentials and vanished into stories told for years afterwards. Round fires and when lovers meet, their story is retold over and over again.

The story of Ponjul and Timya is yet to end as it is told. They were eaten in the wild? They ran away to a far off land, beyond the very long search that followed? Still the mystery continues in the mind of everyone who hears this story. Had they jumped into the wild rivers of the region rather than be emotionally as physically separated for life? Their fear of marriage to others and their eternal love for one another is still fondly proposed.

All these local stories are teachers and are moulded to have an impact on young lives. They register morals that impart on character and norms. If they give off a trace of the forbidden in fair light, then culture and its future may suffer for it. As the young grow, their paws seek everything. Their teeth playfully bite the soft or the hard with innocence and little comprehension.

Everything is attractive to their naïve and simple curiosity. Now with old culture altered to fit faith, round fires and from a preacher’s pulpit, this story should get the ending it desires and still be seen to have the respect for faith it deserves and the victory that is its sure truth and destiny.

Ponjul and Timya loved each other so much that they ran off and settled in a distant land as husband and wife, rather than live like the mere siblings they can not choose. They had children and lived happily, such that today their descendants still do the same elaborately and blamelessly too. Surely, if no other was made after the first created couple, then God Himself sanctified this to fit the rarity of the situation it grows in.

“The only thing we can boast of is our love for an equal, not a superior or an inferior being. Its freedom from reverence and responsibility makes it rare. We might not be capable this.”

Such Innocent Love

I wonder who you are;
Some lost line or verse?
Lost somehow so far;
We can’t now transverse?

You are there in view,
Yet we chose the dark.
And rendered the new
Old, like a lot we lack.

Our acceptance of you
Is not sincere at least,
To admit what we knew
Had outlived its wreath.

Shrouded in some mist
Of age old, yet new norm;
That captured life’s feat
And figured its only form.

We spouse a ghost
And live in cemeteries.
Like a true coffined host,
Scared for our souls’ stories.

Your place true as cast,
Even if subtle and lost.
History’ll gain from; at last,
Those Cain’s wives, almost.


A Man of Weight or Chasing out the Devil – Reblogged

Can’t help myself: I am hooked!


( by Nikolay Leskov, 1879.
Abridged. )

( by Petr Shmelkov )

The ritual of chasing out the devil can be observed nowhere else than in Moscow, and then only if you have particularly good luck and special patronage.

I witnessed it from beginning to end thanks to a fortunate concurrence of circumstances, and I wish to record it for the benefit of those who really know and love the serious and sublime aspects of our national customs.

Although on my father’s side I come of gentry stock, on the other side I am close to the ‘people’: my mother’s family were merchants. She came of a wealthy household, but fell in love with my father and eloped with him. My late father was a ladies’ man, and if he set his cap at a girl, usually got his way. So it was with mama, but her parents paid…

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POEMS: Miracle defined, Age steals all & Will you marry me?

The Sun Doesn’t Need To Stand Still


Faith small as a lil’ mustard seed
Would lift a mulberry tree and a sea feed.
Obedience, constant as air in breath
Would walk water as land with its might.



Somewhere in all days;
Witnessed as is always,
In the morning’s blue skies
As in the nights’ goodbyes.

It stops the singing,
Matches the hatching.
In its crawling time,
It bettered the wine.

With nothing to give,
It gives and yet deceive.
Wizen the ripened old;
Consumed and still sold.

Young the years grew
And gathered all anew.
Stealth gets its way
As age steals all away.

Lets be one


These intimate songs we sing
Blend aged dreams into a ring
That weds our gendered stew
In matrimonial oneness not new.