The Sun Doesn’t Need To Stand Still


Faith small as a lil’ mustard seed
Would lift a mulberry tree and a sea feed.
Obedience, constant as air in breath
Would walk water as land with its might.



Somewhere in all days;
Witnessed as is always,
In the morning’s blue skies
As in the nights’ goodbyes.

It stops the singing,
Matches the hatching.
In its crawling time,
It bettered the wine.

With nothing to give,
It gives and yet deceive.
Wizen the ripened old;
Consumed and still sold.

Young the years grew
And gathered all anew.
Stealth gets its way
As age steals all away.

Lets be one


These intimate songs we sing
Blend aged dreams into a ring
That weds our gendered stew
In matrimonial oneness not new.

33 thoughts on “POEMS: Miracle defined, Age steals all & Will you marry me?

  1. Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s nicely written, but I find my feelings and interpretations confused in my head. Good work, I like thinking hard.

    1. Hi Disfigured! Which in particular did you find thorny? ‘Miracle defined’ is all over the place alright but what do expect, it is trying to define miracles, isn’t it?!

      ‘Age steals all’ is straight forward enough… Staying with the title through & true!

      ‘Will you marry me?’ This is merely a lopsided fact about an actual marriage proposal.

      Hope this helps some.


      1. Oh no, I didn’t mean it that way. I like all the different ways someone can interpret it. It’s not that you were unclear, or wrote poorly.

  2. the second poem reminds me of this french quote: “Si jeunesse savait et si vieillesse pouvait” that could be roughly translated as : If only youth had wisdom and if only old age had strength. It has always rung true to me.

    1. That is indeed true Jomul. But what a travesty it will be if the youth were wisest & the aged strongest. I cringe from the possibilities presented & not revel from them. Hmmmmm…That’s an issue worthy of further exploration, don’t you think?

      1. I still think the youth wouldn’t use said wisdom to its fullest like old people. I think wisdom acquired without pain doesn’t lead always lead to better choices but I could be wrong.

  3. What a lovely presentation you have here… I enjoyed each one, but especially like the first one. Thanks so much for following my blog. = )

    1. Wow…. What are the odds? Would be nice to find out what your melody would be like when you finish it.

      Thanks for your kind words.

    1. That’s the exact feeling I wish to bring to the fore. That desire to get something worthwhile out of life, mindful that age is limited and says with finality what has been truly achieved.

      This knowledge should make people attentive to how they live & age.

      No doubt, the end does justify the means.

  4. ah… not just double… but a triple treat you have here…. i liked ’em all… the miracle defined is very nice and i think mustard seed can always be a good example of a miracle… the second one age steals all is quiet of the truth… or rather a reminder to have your time well spent or suffer / regret when it passed away before you only starring and letting it pass… your last one is heart warming… short but well said… liked the blend aged dreams… smiles…

  5. smiles..esp. liked the first one..Faith small as a lil’ mustard seed…it doesn’t need more and i needed to hear this thank you

  6. You put a lot of effort into rhyme and near-rhymes. As nicely as your poem flows, I’m compelled to strongly disagree re: age stealing all. My experience is the complete opposite. I gain far more than I lose with each passing year.

    1. You are right about me putting lots of effort into rhyme. I could spend ages trying to ‘fix’ near-rhymes; as you coined them. Delighted that you think my poems flow nicely.

      That’s the beauty of poetry I guess. Of course you might feel compelled to disagree with part of my work. But if I may; ‘Age steals all’ tries to point out the folly of all the many gains of accumulated age, when we subsequently lose it all.

  7. G’day Yasniger,

    First off , thank you for your visit, And I must say how very much I enjoyed this, I suppose that every loss makes room for another gain, we can all end up with a memory bank overflowing, to keep us company in the twilight.

  8. Thanks for visiting Life’s Little Surprises. I’ve checked out your poetry and I like it. Very enjoyable. Keep writing. Blessings.

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