Recently I took a delightful walk into the wild.

The hidden sun illuminated smoky clouds

It was such a beautiful day and the hidden sun illuminated smoky clouds in the pale light blue sky. All the thick green high trees were in a humid shade. Not far into the rich moist vegetation I came across the biggest mushroom I have ever seen right in the center of the foot path i was walking on. It looked harmless enough and edible too, a promising prospect. But because I know second to nothing about mushrooms, I had no way of telling if it was indeed the poisonous kind. It had me thinking, I could be talking about people; couldn’t I?

Looks edible & trustworthy

The old borrow a lesson more old,
Taken from the depths of age itself.
Passed down with memories long told,
In spoken words or read off a shelf.

Plants are green or of the green,
Their roots bring in the nutrients.
Edible or not, monstrous or serene;
Fauna’s use of the greenery is strength.

Proud with blossoms loud in colour,
Conquering as weeds warring away;
Mighty giant canopies in sorrow,
Serving clean air as lively wood they lay.

It is the nature of all men to be;
Seek, achieve and demand credit.
In every act, subtle as it so be;
To identify glory and apportion merit.

Then the mushroom sprouts out,
Wet dew with and like its dawn;
For that short while it’s all about,
Like a lowly placed but lethal pawn.

Good or bad?

If humility is an attitude of the mind;
Humbly conditioned and selfless,
Then humiliation it doesn’t ever find;
Nor wallow away in any such sadness.

Sneaking simple acts of goodness,
The mushroom delights in subtle ways.
Beneath the canopies’ high mightiness,
Or humble in the low lawns it strays.

As yet its acts could be as noxious;
Quiet as they harmlessly look or seem,
A mushroom can harm and kill the conscious,
Like the humble act could be very mean.

But in a wanton quest for the simple
Mushrooms that true nature man persist;
Just as a ramification of egoism in people;
Humility is the worst form of conceit.


  1. Hey…I love mushrooms. Eating and photographing. (and they ARE conceited) Where are you? Have missed you, hope all is well.

    1. Hello Rhonda! I don’t know if I have the right to say I LOVE mushrooms really>>> I should explain that. There’s a story there I guess.

      Mushrooms aren’t a very popular delicacy in our part of the world but my late Mama was a trained caterer & she introduced the family to it when I was a teenager; that is introduced it with some stealth and coerced persuasion, like all good cooking Mummys are experts at doing.

      So like it & say so, don’t like it & don’t dare hurt her feelings if you say so; was the attitude. We called it “Fake Meat” & we do LOVE our real meat. So you decide if we loved mushroom.

      As I got much older and read a lot more and fell in love with the ‘Written French Cooking’, I rediscovered the mushroom and romanticized chewing it. But I was always worried that I didn’t know which to eat or which not to eat.

      I however love my daily long morning walks and increasingly fell in love with the breathing taking view of a newly sprouting mushroom on a foot path almost daily. Its always a wee bit tortuous to be unable to tell which I can eat or which I can’t.

      So I guess I do love the look of the mushroom more than I love eating it. There is a difference, right?!

      Missed you too dear. Busy part of the year for me, traveling mush. So I am so glad I have these smart phones things, they are really smart. I am able to stay on the web almost any where. Though I am limited to stuffs I can do with it.

      Its always great to chat with you. You make me talk, just like my Mama did. That’s weirdly funny. I should shut it.


      1. YAS, I love that you say I make you talk, just like your Mama…that tickles me. I am sending you a link to a post I did back in the middle of June…so you will see I have an affinity for this fascinating fungus we call the mushroom.

        I hope you can link to it from your very smart phone…if not, I will remind you when you are back home and have access to a computer.

        Are you still traveling? Has there still been no sign of my letter? Be well, safe journeys, and stay in touch more often will you?

      2. Okay, now I suddenly don’t want to talk about that Mama bit again. (Laugh) How boyish is that? I’m sure you recognize the; “Don’t hug as you drop me off in school” attitude….. If I were white, my face will be Red Pink right now.

        Seriously, there is that thing about you that takes be back that far into my childhood……..

        That’s it. “See you at home Mama….. No kisses” (Runs off)

        Got home for the weekend only, NO SIGN OF YOU LETTER STILL. (I wonder about the address you used) I will Email it again. I’m back on road again.

        I got the ‘Mushroom’ link & will look it up as soon as I can.
        Be safe.

      3. You kids are ALL alike…well tough…I was definitely the Mom that grabbed them and gave big noisy kisses in front of school JUST so their friends could hear it and see it. LOL
        I could have screwed up the address, anything is possible, so thanks, yes you better send it again.
        I’m glad you got home for at least the weekend. I feel for your wife! And for you, dear friend. It’s not the easiest way to live. But, we all do what we must and it helps if you like what you do.
        YOU are the one who must be safe…always!

      4. I just sent you the address again & it is unlikely that you screwed the address up.

        Regards to your family.

  2. This is extremely interesting. I am “digesting it” right now, you could say. 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Okay Jeremy…. Just don’t ‘cannibalize’ too much mushrooms. Don’t forget they do not always have ’round’ heads! cappish?

      1. I have a lot to learn about recognizing the difference between the edible and the deadly. . . so I will be careful.

        And I think you’re quite right about drawing the parallel between mushrooms and people. I liked that element to your piece very much and I think it’s on the mark. It also makes me thing of the poison dart frogs of Central America. They are brilliantly coloured, absolutely beautiful animals. But, of course, their neon colouring means they are deadly.

      2. Thanks for commenting Jeremy. The parallel fitted snugly indeed. I have always found those South American frogs quite intriguing. Strange how ingenious people are when they set out to do harm, mime or kill….. I always wondered if they also found some effective healing discovery from any reptile or animal using similar methods.

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