As prayers hover in endless wait

Beating drums sing their faith;
Wailing faith’s revelry is late.
Tears of men will disappoint yet;
As prayers hover in endless wait.

Spirituality is not religion and
The spirit’s faith made the man.
For here hinges hope men sang;
They say who really is the pagan.

Men will disappoint

21 thoughts on “POEMS: Who is the pagan?

  1. This is so commanding, like a mantra, and this is one of the more interesting things I’ve read in awhile, subject matter wise. There isn’t enough cool “spiritual” and thoughtful writing nowadays methinks. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pete. You are right about few spiritual creative stuff being put out these days. Its such a pity because people actually talk a lot about spiritual things nowadays & it is always in the news, isn’t it? Its mostly fear & this ‘modern pressure’ to be ‘politically proper’ and such. We end up just being pretentious & untrue to each other, methinks

      1. Yeh youthinks haha 🙂 Do they talk about spirituality? Not sure however I know there’s lots of talk about religion anyway. Right, “politically proper” and such. I like it though, I think we ought to face things head on. Love your stuff!

    1. Glad that you liked it Wayne. I just adore your name too.

      It will look and sound great on a book cover, beneath a sweet book title like; “Weathering Storm” by Wayne Augden.
      And I am NOT kidding you.

  2. Interesting piece. If I’m reading this right, it seems like you feel sorry for pagans because even though they have faith in something, it’s not a religion. Is this correct, or am I totally missing your meaning? Regardless, I liked the work very much. It gave me a pleasant melancholy.

    1. The Disfisfigured!

      It is really a little bit of all and more, but I am not intentionally being sympathetic to the position of the Pagan, just being objective. I am being ‘comprehensive’ of in my take on this issue or better still, looking at it academically. The Pagan doesn’t believe in a single invincible God, like the ‘conventional’ religious people do; or does he? But they do have FAITH in something, which is in essence what constitutes religion after all. So what is the difference really? WHO IS THE PAGAN?

      He is:
      /Beating drums & singing his faith, like others sing & pray/Complaining the joys of his faith is late/Weeping as surely his kind will disappoint him yet again/As his prayers don’t come true as he waits/

      /He is spiritual too if not religious/His spirit’s faith make him what he is and reveals to be/For there, within his believes, hinges his hope as well/They say who really is the pagan/

      Who worships correctly, who worships the right deity or the symbol of their own perception of God.

      So who is the Pagan, if not everybody or nobody?

  3. Your voice speaks so soundly and sincerely. An honest assesment: spirituality is not religion. I like the many ways this intersection could lead. Very well written. A fresh voice. Excellente!

  4. Hi Yas. This is an interesting poem, for sure. I love spirituality isn’t religion – that’s so true. I also fixed the link at dVerse for you. Hopefully a few more people will find you now 😉

      1. It was no biggie – even I managed to work it out! You’d linked an https url instead of an http one: the first is a secure url and only brought up a blank page, the second linked straight through to your poem.

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