POEMS: Battle of the Cells & Just Being Myself

Fittest for survival


Who must come first,
Males or the females?
This knowledge a thirst
That quenches with cells.

If what is common birth
Forms females or males;
Supremacy is their myth,
Caged within each cells.

Survival of the fittest


When we simply had met
After our identity had left
Our bodies and minds alone,
With knowledge of our own.

God is that dual twilight
We query as we delight;
At dawn to seek favour
Or dusk when we murmur.

Who we show respect
Builds as we do expect;
Not on age but the score,
As at present not before.

We know just our own,
Just as it is so borne.
We forge ourselves on
To form our own fun.

We please ourselves first;
It’s human that others’re next.
In reverse we are selfless,
And just as Divine, no less.

Individually Unique