For once please let me be political without really appearing to be so……
Let it be duly noted that I’m tagging this as COMEDY!

4 thoughts on “The bankrupt Democratic Party – by a former Democrat

  1. Not sure why this video scares people–a lot of what Obama actually supposedly believes I agree with anyway. However, I am glad you like my blog and my poem. I could write political poetry I am quite sure, but want to do something else for now–other types of poems. What everyone does, how each of us lives, everything in a way is political.

    1. It is always interesting to hear the different views on Obama. As an African, I am ashamed that a huge majority of Africans limit their approval of Barak to the simple fact that he is Black. Don’t let anyone tell you different. His has however proven to be the most un-african presidency in recent times.

      I hear commendations for his role in the Arab Spring. But lots of folks forget that is what it is….. An Arab thing; not African.

      I find the compilation in the video mostly funny really & most of it are cheap political shots. I write political poetry. Actually I write on everything.

      And I fully concur, “What everyone does, how each of us lives, everything in a way is political”.

      Thanks for commenting.

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