READ THIS: Incredible piece. The facts are indisputable.
It indeed leaves us with only one conclusion about the text we now possess to be…. “but a blank papyrus fragment that was used by a modern forger as material on which to copy phrases from the Coptic Gospel of Thomas”.

I must add that in the light of the most recent happenings on the anti-Islamic YouTube movie flick, it makes me proud to be a Christian. That such a blasphemous text is being circulated about Christ & Christendom is having the most civilized discussion about it.

We are indeed

“The likeness so falsely sought/
In the faiths’ mingled thought;/
To knit a very cloth-able peace,/
Stresses the difference not at ease./

These differences peace they sort;/
For Ishmael’s gift isn’t Abram’s lot./
The famous old birth of aged Sarah’s/
Hadn’t the convenience of lowly Hagar’s./

Thinking to Believe

The web continues to be abuzz with The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.  So much is being written that it’s hard to keep up!  Here are the latest and most important developments.

James Watson has written two more papers (here and here) further developing his original thesis that The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife is a collage of various words and phrases culled from the Gospel of Thomas to form a new composition that is supposed to appear like a new gospel.  Andrew Bernhard has also tested Watson’s thesis in two papers (here and here), and agrees that “a modern author could have created the text of GJW simply by using short excerpts culled exclusively from Coptic GTh.”[1]  Both of Bernhard’s papers present an excellent visual and summary of the extensive semantic borrowing of the GosJesWife from the Coptic GTh.  He notes that only…

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