READ THIS: Incredible piece. The facts are indisputable.
It indeed leaves us with only one conclusion about the text we now possess to be…. “but a blank papyrus fragment that was used by a modern forger as material on which to copy phrases from the Coptic Gospel of Thomas”.

I must add that in the light of the most recent happenings on the anti-Islamic YouTube movie flick, it makes me proud to be a Christian. That such a blasphemous text is being circulated about Christ & Christendom is having the most civilized discussion about it.

We are indeed

“The likeness so falsely sought/
In the faiths’ mingled thought;/
To knit a very cloth-able peace,/
Stresses the difference not at ease./

These differences peace they sort;/
For Ishmael’s gift isn’t Abram’s lot./
The famous old birth of aged Sarah’s/
Hadn’t the convenience of lowly Hagar’s./

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