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Politically Correct

While hurricane Sandy has taken the spotlight over the past couple of days, Benghazi and the economy have not been completely submerged by the headlining storm. I am sure the left hoped that Sandy would drown the hype that has surrounded Benghazi and the economy to allow Obama to propel past these issues, but unfortunately hurricane Sandy was not effective in dissolving these issues. The American people are concerned about catastrophe caused by hurricane Sandy and recovery is expected, the past four years have not been forgotten. Sandy has given Obama the opportunity to show his dedication to the American people by focusing on the storm versus his campaign, but if you asked me, it is all one in the same. Obama needed this storm to help him recover from the blows that he has taken regarding Benghazi and the economy, but unfortunately, Obama cannot make up for four years…

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Possibly Political

Good day, fellow Americans. I stand before you today as a concerned American citizen; as a member of a wounded and failing generation, and as an educated and empathetic human being set by his personal morals to work toward defining and cultivating a better future, a more honest future. I come to you today, personally deteriorated by the current state of our nation. I am here to enlist your help.

It has become apparent in our most recent history that The United States of America has unfortunately and undoubtedly fallen from its once glorious position as a world leader in industry and social progress; as a land of acceptance and brotherhood among ALL its peoples, and as a beacon of hope for all others. Where we once actively engaged and celebrated intellect and imaginative exploration, we have come to fear and undermine it. Where we once stood by truth and…

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Should make an interesting.

The Devout Infidel

The Obama campaign has released a 27 point plan, just in time for the election, chock full of ideas that the president failed to get done in his first term. Entitled The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan For Jobs & Middle-Class Security the plan covers everything from manufacturing and energy to small businesses, education and taxes.


Lower the corporate tax rate

Obama Jobs Plan

In the plan, Obama says that his new goal is to add one million new manufacturing jobs by 2016. The first point of his five point plan on manufacturing is to lower the corporate tax rate — which now stands at a maximum of 35 percent — by a quarter for domestic manufacturers:

Reform the corporate tax code to bring down tax rates — cutting tax rates on domestic manufacturers by nearly a quarter — while closing tax preferences and loopholes to pay for it.

This would bring the…

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It is looking up, isn’t it?



On Sunday The Des Moines Register, Cedar Rapids Gazette, and Quad City Times and the Sioux City Journal all endorsed the Republican candidate.  In 2008, Romney was endorsed only by The Fort Dodge Messenger and Omaha World Herald.  The final tally means Romney has now secured an unprecedented sweep of endorsements from the six largest papers in the crucial swing-state.

The accomplishment is unprecedented for many reasons.  For one, it’s the first time all the papers have collectively endorsed the same candidate in over 70 years. Four years ago, candidate Obama received warm endorsements from three of the newspapers, and Romney is the first Republican to be endorsed by the Register in 40 years.

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Know Mitt Romney!


This is from Bookworm Room’s blog. I repost it in its entirety. Think about it. I’m going to vote on my way home tonight.

I’m not sure I buy the “Mitt was sent by God” part, but otherwise I think this letter, forwarded to me by my Dad, is worth sharing:

This article is for those who are just simply not enthused about voting for Mitt Romney. You may not be thrilled with the idea of voting for Barack Obama, and in fact, you may be repulsed by it. However, for any number of reasons, you feel uncomfortable with a vote for Romney, and are considering sitting this one out or voting for a third-party candidate. It could be the Mormonism of Gov. Romney you do not like, or it could be his various position changes over the years (most notably on abortion). Particularly in states like Nevada, Ohio…

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Some deep questions to be answered her. ‘Should Christian U.S. citizens vote as a matter of stewarding the power and privilege they have in a process that impacts those who cannot represent themselves?’

More Than Serving Tea

Next week I will vote for the first time in a presidential election. I became a naturalized U.S. citizen two years ago, giving up my Korean passport, my (not)green card, and pledging allegiance after having lived in the  U.S. since the spring of 1971.

I actually studied for my citizenship exam out of fear and habit – fear that the wrong answer would mean restarting a process that had cost money, time and emotions, and habit because I grew understanding not studying was not an option. The process actually took years for me, wrestling through ambivalence, frustration, grief and gain to get to a point where the privileges, advantages and necessities of becoming a citizen and my faith as a Christian pushed me over the edge.

At the heart of my decision wasn’t the right to vote. It was an issue of integrity. As a writer/blogger/speaker who addresses issues of…

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Some noteworthy figures to note before the elections.

AirModal Independent

Those that voted for Obama did not realize that when you voted for Hope & Change you were voting for the hope that he would leave you with some change… in your pocket. How did that work out for you?

  • Unemployment still in double digits and worsening
  • 80% of college grads cannot find work in chosen profession
  • Over 40% of Americans now on federal assistance (an all-time high)
  • National debt UP 60% since taking office (over $16 trillion)
  • An 84% failure rate on “green” taxpayer investments that most taxpayers opposed
  • Average American income DOWN over $4000 per year
  • Home values still DOWN more than 30% nationally
  • Businesses are closing and investors are leaving America
  • Obama has sent more jobs overseas than all of the last five presidents combined

Inflation is the most punishing tax of all – printing and borrowing 42 cents for every dollar the government spends is suicidal.

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After this president, the public could do without this senseless publicity on the ‘Man’ & not the ‘president’. Just look at how misleading it has been thus far.

More than a lot has changed in 4 years & oddly enough, Only Obama & his cohorts are yet to admit it.

More than a lot has changed in 4 years & oddly enough, Only Obama & his cohorts are yet to admit it.

The fact that it is still too close to call makes it a Victory for the Republicans already, & of course a huge minus for the democrats; even (When) they win.

Are We All Right?

This post was originally posted in June.  The following is my October update.  I was surprised that so little of my original predictions has changed since June but what has changed will be posted in green text.

If you have paid any attention to my political ramblings over the last three years than my prediction that Romney will win the presidential election in a possible landslide is probably not surprising. This is a prediction that I have continued to maintain since October of 2008. These predictions have nothing to do with what I hope happens, only with what I think will happen.  At the time I wrote this I was not a strong Romney supporter.  Now that I have studied the man and his policies closely, and read his book I have become a big Romney supporter.  Of all the republican candidates he was and still is the best…

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More details about Benghazi

The Rio Norte Line

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You don’t have to agree with this to make sense of it. I don’t, not entirely anyway. But it is a very good read nonetheless.

The RAP Sheet

Am I really going to do this?  Am I really going to stick my neck out and blog about abortion?  Am I really going to try and defend a position that will upset liberals and conservatives alike?

When I started this blog, I promised myself I would use it as a public sounding board for my own thoughts, and if in doing so I alienated every reader of the blog and had no followers, then so be it.  Mind you, I’m not trying to alienate everybody, but if I was, a regular abortion essay would probably be the fastest route.  As a Republican atheist professor, I’m used to having a minority world view.

The stimulus for today’s essay comes from a letter to the editor in the Orlando Sentinel.  It appears to be an attack on Mitt Romney from the right:

Mitt Romney’s current position on abortion appears logically…

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This a question!

David's Commonplace Book

Roger Simon at PJ Media believes that if President Obama wins re-election, he should be impeached over his role in covering up details over the terrorist attack on the US diplomatic mission at Benghazi.

If Barack Obama is reelected, will he face impeachment over Benghazi — a yet more unpleasant and far more wrenching result than to lose an election?

It could happen — and in my estimation should happen — the way revelations are playing out over the bloody terror attack that took four American lives and has led to weeks of prevarication and obfuscation.

The scandal thus far has at least tarnished and quite possibly implicated everyone from the CIA director, to the secretaries of State and Defense, to the UN ambassador and, of course, the president himself — with no end in sight, because Obama, normally loath to expose himself and even less so in an…

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It is amazing that most Americans just choose to ignore the truth about their President.

A Conservative View


I just finished watching a Special Report on Fox News that every red blooded American needs to see if they are undecided on re-electing Obama. If you watch this report and still favor Obama you are as guilty of sacrificing four Americans to retain and gain political power as he is. This Report will be aired aNews tonightgain at 9pm Centraltime on Fox. If you miss it I hope it will be shown again or it may be on their website. Thanks Fox News, at least one news organization has the guts to share what the networks hide.

Someone or all of the individuals that had a part in this questionably assisted by Americans massacre, should not only be fired, they should go to prison for the rest of their life. There is no excuse for the behavior of Obama, Biden…

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Fingers are crossed


The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich (R) predicted on “Meet the Press” that not only would Mitt Romney win in Ohio, but the Presidential Election as well.  Kasich said in private polls, Romney was leading. He even went so far as to say, “I’m not sure the election’s going to be as close as what everybody is talking about today”.  Ohio will be a difficult state for Romney to win because the liberal media, along with the Obama campaign has been successful in convincing voters that Romney wanted to see the auto industry go out of business.  The New York Times ran an op-ed piece titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.  In the interest of presenting only the facts, what Romney said was quite different than what was presented.  In fact, GM DID go bankrupt.  What Mitt Romney correctly stated however, is that it’s not the Government’s job to bail out companies.  Romney simply wanted GM to…

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I re-blogged this mainly for the ‘Presidential Candidate Tracker’, but it can’t be denied that “President Obama is rattled and on the defensive,”

The Truth about Benghazi is coming in at a steady pace now.

To Talk of Many Things

Agreeing with Kristie who, on Facebook, said:

I don’t agree with the blatant bigotry on some of the comments, but this blog post makes great points.

I think the information itself is very important and ask that you take the time to read it and come to your own conclusions about what happened in Benghazi.

Weekend Edition: IT WAS TREASON – Arrest Obama

By Craig Andresen on October 27, 2012 at 5:13 am

Last Thursday, I wrote an article titled, Obama & Libya – A Case Study in Treason and in that article I stated, “When a president fails to lift a finger to protect Americans, at home or abroad, in the face of overwhelming intelligence and evidence, by ignoring obvious warning signs and the advice of those entrusted to offer such protection…”

“It is treason.”

I meant every word and yes, I am well aware of the…

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The truth is slowly trickling in about Benghazi.

James Nye

It has been claimed that CIA agents on the ground during the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi twice asked for permission to help Ambassador Chris Stevens and twice were told to stand down.

Furthermore sources present during the deadly six-hour assault have said that a desperate last request for military assistance once the CIA themselves came under attack was denied, even though elite counter-terrorism units were only two hours away.

And it has been claimed there was full communication between the CIA annex in Benghazi and the U.S. military, casting further doubts on the Obama administration’s assertion that there wasn’t enough information to deploy forces – deepening the crisis over their handling of the attack on September 11th and its aftermath.

Read more

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Let’s hear it for Paul

Parker Flag's Files

VIRGINIA – In hindsight, Mitt Romney’s pick of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) as his running wass a smart, logical move.

Romney, forever the technocrat, made a move that could help leery conservatives come back to the fold and vote for him after all. While the pick of a running mate rarely helps in attracting voters who would have voted for the opposite party, it does help bring out more of the party’s base who would have otherwise stayed home.

Unless you’re a Washington news junkie, Ryan may not be a household name. But he does have an interesting background and has plum role among Congressional Republicans. He’s been in Congress for 14 years. He’s a health and fitness freak who, like Romney, avoids sweets, although for very different reasons. He usually sleeps in his Congressional office, largely because of the sky-high D.C. rents and long workdays. He has a working-class…

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You can’t be more objective than this guy.

Inform The Pundits!

We Americans have entered the stretch run for this presidential election cycle.

The dye has been cast. The candidates from President down to the local school board have all made their pitches.  The messages won’t change between now and election day. Most citizens have made up their minds. Millions of voters have already cast their votes.

All of us want the horrible ads to stop.

In all likelihood, our next president is already determined in the hearts and minds of citizens. It isn’t going to change now.

Mitt Romney has made a heroic late campaign lunge toward the presidency. It couldn’t be closer.

The debates have made the difference for Romney. For all-important undecided voters in the swing states, it was probably their first opportunity to see who Mitt Romney really is.

They were the best debates between two presidential candidates in this writer’s memory.

Today, I’m having a feeling…

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It is looking up….But it is still a wish that just might come true. YES WE CAN!!!


Here’s the screenshot from Drudge:

Those poll numbers representing Rasmussen, Gallup, ABC/WaPo, and Reuters.

But it gets better as Romney is up +19 among independents.  What might that portend?

Should [Romney’s 19 point lead with independents] stick, it would be the sharpest tilt among independents in a presidential election since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide win.

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It ain’t over until it is over…. It is still a wish, but it just might come true.

When Politics Turns Violent



Sean Kedzie the son of Wisconsin state senator Neal Kedzie was beaten while trying to protect a Romney yard sign.  Two men tried to steal a Romney yard sign.  Sean Kedzie tried to stop them but then the suspects threw him to the ground and beat him.


Here is part of the press release from Senator Kedzie:

Early on Friday morning, October 19th, my son Sean was awakened by noises outside his residence in Whitewater. As he went to see what the commotion was about, he noticed an individual removing a Romney/Ryan yard sign from his property. He yelled to the person that they were taking something not theirs and to return it immediately. The individual returned the sign, however, a second person confronted and attacked Sean without warning.

Sean was wrestled to the ground by both persons, held down by a constricting chokehold, and struck repeatedly about the…

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President Obama had a great portion of Americans fooled, but they are beginning to realize their folly gradually. The polls leading to this election is evidence of that. That is a huge achievement already!

JP's Mind


President Obama had us all fooled… until now!

I spend a great portion of my time analyzing the economy and the affects of policy on our lives. Last night I put it all together.

President Obama claims to be the protector of the poor and the middle class, a man of the people. He vilifies the wealthy “millionaires and billionaires” every chance he can.

In a moment of economic clarity I realized what is “really” going on. President Obama is destroying the middle class. He is burying the poor and crushing retirees. He is even doing major damage to one of his strongest allies, the unions.

Under Obama’s treasury department, Ben Bernanke has been printing money like no other time in history. Over a trillion dollars printed so far and much more to come.

Here’s how the scam works. Banks are allowed to “borrow” from the fed at…

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CBS Busts Obama–and Itself–in Benghazi Cover-Up

They will fall on their faces and lick the ground the truth stands on!

The Persistent Patriots

CBS News has released a clip of an interview by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes on Sep. 12 with President Barack Obama that indicates Obama knew the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a premeditated terror attack–and suggests the White House later deceived the public by blaming protests against an anti-Islam video. CBS chose not to air the clip for over a month–but did air Obama’s attack on Romney that same night.  More…

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The world and everything in it is a huge miracle everyone marvels about but some still refuse to accept as it is…… an incredible awesome wonder.





The evidence is everywhere,

But only a few will see…

The cross, the flash of the Spirit in love

Versus folks who will never agree.

One needs to make a choice,

To serve God and His Absolutes…

Or kowtow to man’s teaching

Which changes like dirty suits!

To see with the eyes of God

Requires faith in Him…

Not mixed with thinking tied into the world,

Or sourced by political whim.

The miracle of God’s love

Is recognized by only a few…

Invitations are everywhere,

Is your soul worth responding too?


—Jonathan Caswell


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Loose pigs hide at the filled up ‘feeding trough’ … but do most of the feeding outside their pen.

“It’s time to say goodbye

So force a smile and try your best

While someone else picks up the rest

Others ask, is nothing left

A somber mood of those bereft”


Ships will rust and daylight fades

And flowers bloom give way to shade

Someone searching for their way

Where glory doesn’t last a day

You think that you’ve been here before

But you’re knocking on another door

A fading hope of something more

It’s gone before you know the score

No walking in you close your eyes

It’s you who you’ve come to despise

So open up and face your lies

It’s time to say goodbye

So force a smile and try your best

While someone else picks up the rest

Others ask, is nothing left

A somber mood of those bereft

So as you turn to leave, you say

It’s time to say goodbye today

I’m someone searching for their way

Where glory doesn’t last a day. 


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The greatest threat to the US does not come from outside, in the form of terrorism, but from inside, in the form of ignorance.

YOU DIDN’T HEAR THIS HERE FIRST! But THE GOOD Clint Blondie, Points out THE BAD Lee Angel & THE UGLY picture he Eli took these four years.

Stuart Smith's Blog

What was it Wellington used to say? Something about Napoleon’s hat on the battlefield being worth 50,000 men. I reckon Clint Eastwood, more revered than any living president past or present, could be worth considerably more than 50,000 votes in the battlefield states.

Clint, you may remember, spent most of his time at the Republican Convention talking to an empty chair, representing the incumbent president. His performance seemed to say a lot more about Clint than it did about Mitt Romney.

Now he has finally come off the fence, openly endorsing Romney in a 30 second spot:

American Crossroads, by the way, is a major Romney PAC (Political Action Committee).

Wasted on the mayorship of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca, wasn’t he?

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DON’T QUOTE ME. QUOTE OBAMA; Obama said: “I’m the same guy I was 10-12 years ago”. So who was Obama 10-12 years ago.

From The End of The Lake

Is the media tide finally turning against Obama?

Obama Says To Look At “Videotape” For His Flip-Flops 

And they found flip after flop after flip

Obama today: I’m the same guy I was 10-12 years ago.

Obama in 2004: My religious faith dictates marriage is between a man and a woman, gay marriage is not a civil right.


Looks like the wheels have come off the Obama campaign…

Much more at BuzzFeed

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INCREDIBLE BUT TOTALLY TRUE! In the Us your boss has the First Amendment right to tell you who to vote for, but you could lose your job if you tell them you disagree. Even if you say it nicely.

The state of Pregnancy is not an ailed state and does not need to be cured.

Awesome Kid this Jenny. We must spread her good work far & near, as quickly as we can. The presentation is top notch stuff & the content so crystal clear.

Golden Queries

Babe? No, I’m not talking about a hot looking woman; rather, I am referring to those who are considered too immature to count or have an opinion that matters. Yet this 13-year old young lady demonstrates that there is hope for the future. In fulfillment of a class project, Jenny makes a great case by looking at the track records of presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and gives each of them a grade based on their performance – novel concept. Looks to me like she’s already moved beyond the elementary teachings as she ably researched and organized her information to deliver it in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format.  As a former teacher, I’d give her an A.

You may have seen this youtube video in other blogs, but I think it bears repeating for several reasons:

  • Jenny did an excellent job. We need to recognize and affirm our young…

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“Budding this fruit that ripens, in the silliness of the open, smile Eve upon this uniquest leaving.” BEAUTIFUL!

“White clouds from up above:
Were scattered on earth”

Realm of Empress Musie

The world was filled
With their white petals
That’s how it seemed
When I stood there
Surrounded by them
The pretty dancing daisies
Their soft petals
Brushed against my bare arms
Their bitter sweet fragrance
Filled up my lungs
White clouds from up above
Were scattered on earth

Sharmishtha Basu

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The other side plays dirty too.

The Long Version

My liberal friends like to remind me often that my candidate for President, Mitt Romney, is a liar.  They then parade the fact checkers out as proof to their premise that Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon, habitually breaks the 9th commandment.

The most recent accusation came in the form of this article at with the headline: “At The Last Presidential Debate: Romney Told 24 Myths In 41 Minutes”  If you’re not familiar with ThinkProgress, I would characterize as the Liberal equivalent to on the right.  If you’re not familiar with either one you’re not missing anything but extreme partisanship, hyperbole, and group think (My opinion of course).

So I decided to go through these 24 myths and research their explanations to see if  the man I think is best suited to preside in this nation is indeed a dirty rotten scoundrel and a liar.

This will be a rather long…

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