Obama only mentioned the word ‘Terror’ in general term but did not ‘specifically’ call the attack in Libya a terrorist attack in his first speech after the incident at the Rose garden. Call it confusion or whatever, that is the truth.


I’ve been really concerned about the issue with the obvious “intelligence mishap” surrounding the recent attack on the US consulate in Benghazi -and I don’t really have any expectations for politicians, but I’ve been extremely disappointed at the way the Main Stream Media has covered this -barring the over-kill that FOX News plays on loop, all day.I was somewhat surprised that Martha Raddatz kicked-off the VP debate with a question about the… we’ll call it “confusion” since no one is exactly sure what happened, still -but Raddatz gave Biden an open back-door by calling it an “intelligence mishap”.

So, I wasn’t AS surprised last night when Candy Crowley point-blanked said Mitt Romney was wrong in his claim that the president denied that the attack on the consulate was a planned terrorist attack rather than an impromptu protest against some home-made film about the profit, Muhammad. Crowley later corrected herself, reducing her…

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