The fact that it is still too close to call makes it a Victory for the Republicans already, & of course a huge minus for the democrats; even (When) they win.

Are We All Right?

This post was originally posted in June.  The following is my October update.  I was surprised that so little of my original predictions has changed since June but what has changed will be posted in green text.

If you have paid any attention to my political ramblings over the last three years than my prediction that Romney will win the presidential election in a possible landslide is probably not surprising. This is a prediction that I have continued to maintain since October of 2008. These predictions have nothing to do with what I hope happens, only with what I think will happen.  At the time I wrote this I was not a strong Romney supporter.  Now that I have studied the man and his policies closely, and read his book I have become a big Romney supporter.  Of all the republican candidates he was and still is the best…

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