It is the law

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — With Superstorm Sandy leaving communities under water, stranding millions without power and consuming public resources in several states, could next Tuesday’s vote for president be moved to a later date?

No, it can’t. Without passage of a new federal law, voting for president is required to take place on Tuesday, November 6, as planned.

But, partial postponements of voting in some affected areas are possible, consistent with the laws governing the election of the president and vice president.

Here’s why:

When people go to the polls on Election Day, they aren’t voting directly for their choice for president or vice president. Instead, they are voting to select representatives — or “electors” — to the Electoral College, the body that actually determines who will be president and vice president.

The Constitution gives Congress the authority to determine “time” of choosing those electors. In 1845, Congress passed…

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