Twilight, just before the dawn


Mangus Khan

The leather of my gloves crinkles 
as I tighten the reins 
My steeds trot becomes a gallop
We begin traveling through time …

through space …

arriving at a place unfamiliar 
Yet, it felt so safe …

Shimmering through the shadows
I’m drawn to a presence…
My heart begins to pound as I see you laying there
behind a veil of lace ….

Resting so peaceful… so full of grace …
I remove my cloak and armor 
I sit down in a chair beside the bed
Closing my eyes, drifting into your dreams 

There we make beautiful, passionate love 
in the twilight, just before dawn …

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Restraints: A short story.


Amy Lauren Turk

From the moment I saw her, I felt like nothing else in the world had a meaning. Her eyes were a deep, crystal blue, with skin as soft as fresh snow. I felt like it was impossible for anyone not to fall in love with this woman once they had looked into her eyes, they were so big, full of secrets, bad secrets, the kind you’re best not knowing. Yet something drew me to her, they made me want to know more about the kind of person she was, the kind of life she was living. I saw her every day, and I looked forward to it, every day. I had worked at the asylum for years, and not once had I built up the courage to even say hello to this woman. Hell, I didn’t even know her name. So how was it possible that I felt all these…

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An older mother’s view of her new baby

Beautiful take!


“Thankyou Lord, for this little one you have blessed me with

So late in life.

I thought I had finished with four-hourly feeds,


Three-month colic,

Immunisation, teething problems …

All those ‘fringe-benefits’ that come with babies.

But here I am,

Up to my eyes in them.

After eight years, we’re starting all over again …

I feel young again, Lord.

What nicer thing could happen to a woman almost forty?

Knowing this is my last child makes me exquisitely aware of every moment.

Thankyou once more for letting me be a mother.

I would not have missed it for the world.”

– Charmaine Solomon

(noted 17/1/1979)


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I Cannot Love Like a Leper

“Putting all the odd bits and bobs of me out on a shelf, an eye, an ear, a favored toe.”

Indeed, Leper’s love is rare

Writer Moe

I love like a leper.

Putting all the odd bits and bobs of me
out on a shelf,
an eye, an ear, a favored toe.

Hobbling about on twinned islands, made for lamed people like us.
Painting other’s faces with mercury,
gazing with one longing good eye across the strait,
from our baths of virgins blood.

Begging bees to sting us, bring our nerves back to life.

You were never safe,
and now you’re dangerous.

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The Reason Why It Hurts The Way It Hurts

It just hurts more to be disappointed, than to be physically hurt

It's Written for You

Dear you,

This time I know, it would never be the same,

So many things have changed.

This time I know, we would never be the same.

When I’m giving up everything for you.


I still have many doubts. There are a lot of things on my mind.

Something’s telling me to leave but I won’t.

I’ve been waiting for so long but you’ll never know.


Tell me what am I supposed to do?

since you’re only happy when I’m wasted.


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Fairy Tale

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair

Serial Outlet

She sits with a tilted hip

In the posture of romance

Practiced down to fingertips

Through literature and dance

She thumbs pages in her head

Adopting Sleeping Beauty

Or lips imagined to be red

In a Snow White fantasy

And by turns she will believe

Her hair brushes the floor

Rapunzel in her tower keep

Awaiting him once more

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The taste of defeat……it was all in vain; always.

Arab Odyssey

He felt the first tear drop escape,

for so long he had fought back against the pain.

Its salty taste stinging on lips and tongue, the taste of defeat, it was all in vain.


The old woman’s lifeless body could not be real, he begged, it could not be the end.

God would never have allowed it all to happen, only to come to this,

a hope only He could send.


He saw her face and his tears now flowed freely,

her eyes dried out but remnants of their beauty remained.

A reminder of all that was delicate and pure,

to the harsh reality of the world she could not endure.


He approached and sobbed uncontrollably as he intertwined his fingers with her cool hand.

Long gone was her pulse as he reached for his knife.

Burying his head in her silent chest, the blade crept inwardly on…

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Life is a swim in a vast ocean.

Every day is a swim in a vast ocean….

Sky Shelter

one day i was a fish
swimming with many other fish
within an arctic sea.

there were so many lines;
they came from the sky
and went down
and ended in cherry plastic.

fish who bit them were pulled up
into the surface
(where we were told never to go)
i’ve heard it’s a whole new world up there.

the red was beautiful
the surface was new
i bit.
(i couldn’t help it)
and rode a hook to the hole in the sky

out i shot.
who knew the surface was so free?
it’s a shame i’ll need to breathe soon.

but it’s alright; i’m just dreaming.

nobody would want a fish like me.

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Lucky to be here.



I feel

Like a bird, set free from my cage.

A rat who just escaped the death trap.

A lion who dodged a bullet.

A deer who outran his predator.

A sheep who outsmarted the wolf.

A dog who just gave out his first woof.

A cat who caught a butterfly and then let it free.

A girl who’s found her soul mate.

A warrior who’s come home from a bloody battle and lives to tell his tale.

A mother who holds her first child.

I feel, I feel, oh so lucky

to be born into a world

with so much to offer

with so much of depth

with so many stories

that it makes me almost miss a breath.

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I have found a home in myself.

‘I have found a home in myself’….. says a lot


i have long fingers

yet cannot gouge my eyes

remove them from my face

place them blinking on sticks,

to see myself,

would i seem more different than by reflection

could i gaze past that aura of mine,

with crooked nose and empty sockets,

eyebrows that move often with emotion,

cheeks still broad enough with flesh

to make a face round,

hair never fashioned in any style,

attraction is a composite

would i say i was handsome or defined,

i had drunk from the social nectar

but did not conform to tradition,

i would not be photogenic

or adorn glossy magazines,

lips that kiss and hold the most warmth,

are the best feature,

once cracked and pale with cigarettes and ale

now are more fulfilled,

age has grey iodized me

salt tainted beard and hair,

my face would not be Che on t-shirts,

yet i am loved by one


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Here’s A Poem…

I saw cruel, cruel world & I remembered I have something that starts with Cruel, cruel Death too.

I call it DEATH… look it up.

Nice poem….

⇢Willow Weeping⇠

So…I just found this poem in one of my many notebooks that I’ve filled, and it’s short but really…accurate. It amazes me sometimes, the things I come up with. 

People Seem

The frogs do croak

The crickets seem to chirp

As I ponder what goes on

And why things happen

In this cruel cruel world

Though still it turns

And still people burn

Because sin is but a word

In this cruel cruel world

Without a doubt we seem to ask

Why do our lives seem so vast

But when the answer is much too simple

Some doubt that they are still people

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Old friend

Nice piece…

Late Night Musings

It was when you walked
alone, heels clicked
flakes of hardened skin on your lips

the little girl dropped her gummies
the mother unaware
you watched as the girl flashed
her gummy, toothless smile
her small eyes, tried to focus
on your face

out in the cold you watched the steam
rise up, people ducked and hid their faces
as you watched, it sunk in:
loneliness was again at your door

this time, this time, you welcomed it
with an open heart, it’s place
ever reserved

this time, it didn’t feel so bad anymore
it was freeing, it was familiar
you found, your happiness
in loneliness

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Just Another Day in the Promised Land

Another day without paradise

Dom DiFrancesco

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Dirty faces streaked with tears,

Revealing the shell of who they were,

In silence they live their greatest fears,

Passing by, you pray they do not stir.


Their homes a box, a shantytown,

No cover from rain, sleet or snow,

Living with luck or fate torn down,

With arrogance you look away from those below.


Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers,

They too were once like you,

Annoyed you pass, you can’t be bothered,

With these paupers, beggars and shrews.


They did not ask for their station in life,

For many, no fault of their own,

They huddle with daughter, son and wife,

On these sidewalks and alleys alone.


Lift yourself up and make your own way,

With what, is a question to be asked,

Struggling to eat day to day,

There’s no time for their plight to be masked.


A little…

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Dead Heart


Gracespear's Blog

Dead Heart


Lonely hollow hearts do fare,

None see darkness in my soul   ;

And even less do care

For the empty crying hole.

A broken spirit weeping

Burnt more when wounded

Was already defeated.


Laughter not escapes my lips,

Blank void eyes blindly stare.

Slowly I have lost my grip,

As tortured soul is flayed bare.


Sanity deserts me,

Fleeing for a dark corner.

Incubi whispers crazy

Tempted I; a loner.


Now I hunger for more pain,

And with a knife draws rich blood,

Cuts my husk again ‘gain;

Away the life fluids flood,

Yet no life do they contain.

For in twisted torment;

In this broken black insane,

Life died very long ago,

And with it hope was spent.





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I Will

I will reblog this wonderful Poem; I will!


I will unbitter your heart with honeyed words

I will unsour the taste that lingers in your mouth

Through my pure and gentle kisses


I will restore your trust and unbreak the broken

I will heal your soul

With loving ministrations of tenderness


I will give you strength and tranquility

I will support your struggles

I will guard your back

Against all comers


I will unbitter your heart

I will make you new again



David Trudel  © 2012



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A Dream to Share

A story that reaches deep

Renato Vasconcellos David

I have the story deep in my mind

The characters have all been aligned

The world immense and full of surprises

From spirits to different human species

All trapped in my fingers and paper

The belief that with it,sci fi would be greater

But the submissions came back and say maybe later

The Ideas exploding in my mind as my book sits in the dust

The campaigns of never giving up begin to rust

All my dreams seem to be lost in time

As my head screams my moms voice,”this is not worthwhile”

What to do to convince the world of the diamond in the rough

He thought all he needed was to be stubborn and tough

And as my spirit gives up my fingers keep speeding the fire

This my pain buried

my simple desire

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Smart joke

Smart joke

Scratching 之信手涂鸦

A blonde is on a plane sleeping when the guy next to her says, "Let’s play a game." She looks at him and tells him that she doesn’t want to and she just wants to sleep, but he keeps bugging her until she agrees.

He tells her that he will ask her a question and if she can’t answer, she owes him $5.00, then she asks him a question and if he can’t answer, he owes her $50.00. So he asks, "Who was the last person to sign the Declaration of

She quietly hands over a $5 bill. She asks, "What goes up a hill with 4 legs and down with 5? He has no idea so he gives up and gives her $50.

The blonde turns back around and goes back to sleep. Not two seconds later, he wakes her back up and asks, "What was the answer?"

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Hugely nice

Hugely nice piece

tHis tWisted yOuth

How I talked when I was little

Left so much to be desired

My innocence half sheltered lost

Growing compromised

For within this world of beauty

I saw fly tongues lick their legs!

And then I saw the news

The people needless dead

Was treated to a happy meal

On cattle brains was fed

And then they talked of Santa

Confused my mental anguish

Taught me bad things not to feel

I ask much more now I am six

But answers they conceal

I ask of God

What is the proof ?

I ask of Buddha’s real truth

I ask why politicians makes no sense?

But explanations flow thick and dense

I question them no more

At school I crave for education

Why does TV

emit lies and radiation?

Cause so many

dull sedation?

But they have not the accreditation

To explain to me this complex nation

Demagogues to me they’re not


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Poem: There could have been a moment in the sun

This poem hits you like it was written to.


There could have been a moment in the sun
when you would yearn for shade.
Or, once, when fires blazing burnt your face
(upon my eyes)
rough heat against your soft-
ening scent.
Like meteors burn their paths upon forbidding night
and blaze a scar upon my eyes
that only fades as I,
wake unto a new day’s memories.
Leave yours in my sleep.



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Wildly Cruel

Life is like a wilderness too, ain’t it?

Kerrie Ann Salsac | Writing for Life

Yet another day is dawning,

the sun chasing away the night.

The wilderness is bathed in light,

creatures large and small are yawning,

hunting to whet their appetite.


Lapping up the chilly water,

from rivers flowing to the sea.

They hide amongst the tall pine trees

so as to avoid their slaughter.

Building warm dens so not to freeze.


Wilderness, a cold and cruel place,

only the strong able to thrive,

every day a fight to survive

the evolutionary race.

Creatures enjoying being alive.


Whilst us humans assume our right

to be on top of the food chain,

look upon animals with disdain

whilst tucked up in our beds at night.

Yet consistently we complain.


Look out into the wild outside,

be thankful for your lot in life

though it is not devoid of strife.

Think of animals terrified,

their dreams filled with the hunter’s knife. 

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Shakespeare like you have never read, heard or seen it before.

Literary Parodies, Comic Verse and Whimsy by Max Scratchmann

A geezer of royal lineage took a kip on the beach one day,
When his brother from the chippy poured some poison down his way,
And they found his rotted body and declared that he was dead,
Until he rose twice nightly, and this is what he said:

“Oh send for my son, Hamlet, who lives on Morecambe sands,
And tell the lazy bastard he’s got murder on his hands.”
So Hamlet took the Stagecoach bus and arrived in princely style,
And ran into his father’s ghost along the Golden Mile.

He was walking down the darkened front, looking at ‘illuminations,
And there was his old father, standing tall between the stations.
“Yer took yer bleeding time, me lad, get yer arse over to the tower,
And kick yer no-good Uncle out, before the bugger seizes power.

He’s poisoned my chip butty,and had a bit of the other,
And now…

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Humourous Traffic News


Rozi Setiawan

I got this joke when my lecturer asked to translate it from Bahasa Indonesia into English (Translation Lecture). At the first, I didn’t catch the humor sense, but when i took a look thoroughly I found the humor sense. Have a nice reading..

Bonet’s parents have just got a big amount of money from a regular social gathering. It’s just great for the old men. Although they are just small traders, they can set aside their money and join together with their colleagues in the regular social gathering, and it’s their turn to get it. According to their promise, if they got the turn, they will buy a motorcycle for their only child, his name is Bonet.

In the afternoon, Bonet rides his new motorcycle. Suddenly, he stops the motorcycle for long time near to the traffic light in the fork of the road. Although the light is green, he…

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People would all fall,
Rise and again fall all.

For dues nature pays,
In this nature all dies.

To the fine or stricken
Stranger things happen.

Mystery is life itself;
God’s own other half.

Another Wandering Soul

when the sky
turns milky-white
and our bodies
are nothing but
cancellous shells
with thrashing limbs;
we will be

… and in the books
of history
yet to be written,
we will be known
as those
who were
too presumptuous
to follow
the universe’s
well-intentioned call.

after all these years,
we still
haven’t learned a thing.

photo credits:

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A totally enjoyable read; if you don’t support Obama.


Remember the great 80’s tune “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel?..Yes a great song and also a running history lesson of life over the last 50 years. Well folks, it is high time for an updated version of this classic and unique song. This time, we will focus not on the last 50 years, but the last FOUR years, the era….or should we say “error” of Obama. Yes, we take you on a nostalgic tour of the lows and lows of the Obama administration..But no worries, Obama assumes no blame for this…we know who takes the fall…….so here is a rough draft of a soon to be classic by Barack Hussein Oblamer….”I Didn’t Start The Fire” (and YOU didn’t build that) (ps- you will have to sing the tune yourself because this boy don’t sing…..babies cry and dogs howl..)

Global Warming, Climate change
Vice President with no brain.

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Another paper flips to Romney: Wisconsin State Journal says ‘Not enough hope, too little change’

Yet another paper endorses Mitt

Rightlinks Blog - Because I didn't fight communism in Vietnam so that I could surrender to communism in America...

This morning we learned that the New York Daily News endorsed Romney. Now, the Wisconsin State Journal has announced its support for him.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Romney better understands how and why entrepreneurs and employers decide to expand and add jobs. He’s more likely to get the private-sector going strong again.

Obama failed to embrace his own commission’s bipartisan debt deal. Ryan, serving on the commission, similarly balked at the solid and comprehensive agreement.

It was Obama and his fellow Democrats who went it alone on health care, making subsequent deals even harder to find. It was Obama who too often let Congress steer the ship in circles. It still is Obama who hasn’t laid out a clear vision for the next four years.

More at Twitchy

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NY Daily News Endorses Mitt Romney……..

Another endorsement for Mitt


The New York Daily News, the country’s fifth largest newspaper, endorsed Mitt Romney on Sunday, joining the ranks of more than a dozen papers that have turned away from Barack Obama after endorsing his candidacy in 2008.
The paper’s endorsement came as a surprise: the News has a staunchly Democratic editorial viewpoint. The Daily News is also owned by one of the country’s most respected and influential Democrats, Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire real estate mogul.
But the New York daily staked its arguments against Obama not on politics but the economy, charging that President Obama’s promises went unfulfilled.

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it just made me laugh really

Manage By Walking Around

The U.S presidential election is imminent and, not surprisingly, politics are dominating everyone’s conversations.  Last week a work colleague and I had an on-going discussion of whether brands have political connotations.

We started with an observation about cars in the office parking lot: more Republicans own BMW’s while more Democrats own Jeeps. Cars turned into sports: Democrats prefer football while Republicans prefer baseball. We tried to find a pattern with fast food restaurants but couldn’t.

My colleague then speculated that logo color might reveal something about political leanings.  Coca-Cola, Verizon, and Oracle would all be considered Republican while Pepsi, AT&T, and SAP would be Democratic.  Chick-fil-A’s red logo seems to be consistent with their recent political controversy.

While it’s an intriguing notion, the theory didn’t stand up to a little on-line sleuthing. The neuro-insight research firm Buyology studied consumers’ non-conscious connections to brands and discovered variations by political affiliation:


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It says a lot about why intellectuals vote the way they do to.

Swiss Economist

The other day I came across a 14-year old article written by the former Harvard professor Robert Nozick for the Cato Policy Report. It attempts to give a simple explanation for why many intellectuals oppose capitalism:

Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism

Intellectuals feel they are the most valuable people, the ones with the highest merit, and that society should reward people in accordance with their value and merit. But a capitalist society does not satisfy the principle of distribution “to each according to his merit or value.”

The intellectual wants the whole society to be a school writ large, to be like the environment where he did so well and was so well appreciated. By incorporating standards of reward that are different from the wider society, the schools guarantee that some will experience downward mobility later.

Those at the top of the school’s hierarchy will feel entitled to a…

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“Grounded floored the fluffy

liberty culture

It will be interesting to see how the dust settles after all the political handshakes, kisses, and venomous rhetoric simmers down after Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  This has been one contentious campaign in U.S. politics but much is at stake.

Conservatives fear the continuation of another four years of a bad economy and high unemployment.  Liberals fear a reversion of ObamaCare and a rollback of Obama’s influence on the pro-gay agenda.

The big thing in this election is the economy.  Funny the Obama campaign did not deal with the economy very well in their campaign ads.   Check out the Obama and Romney campaign ads (links to their  YouTube channels are below).  Obama seems to be pure “feel good” ads but wasn’t it always this way?  Now that the President is the incumbent, he is in the position to give the people a record of his achievements.  Does he do this? …

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The Benghazi cover story is coming after the election

It will just never go away


The Benghazi attack on 9/11 has many unanswered questions. One that hasn’t garnered much attention is the link between Turkey-Israel-Syria by way of the U.S.-Libya special mission/CIA annex in Benghazi.

We know that Ambassador Chris Stevens met with a Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin just prior to the attacks that evening. We also know that President Obama spent an hour on the phone with Israeli PM Netanyahu during the attack. Coincidence? Really? Perhaps Obama was giving Bibi a play-by-play while watching the live drone feed?

What do they have in common? They both want the al-Assad regime removed in Syria. Turkish-Israeli relations have been strained but Israel would still prefer Turkey rather than Syrian radicals to take charge in the region. Turkey has a very important reason to see regime change in Syria. Bashar al-Assad has a Four Seas policy goal to enable Syria as the energy pipeline crossroads of the…

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