Hugely nice

Hugely nice piece

tHis tWisted yOuth

How I talked when I was little

Left so much to be desired

My innocence half sheltered lost

Growing compromised

For within this world of beauty

I saw fly tongues lick their legs!

And then I saw the news

The people needless dead

Was treated to a happy meal

On cattle brains was fed

And then they talked of Santa

Confused my mental anguish

Taught me bad things not to feel

I ask much more now I am six

But answers they conceal

I ask of God

What is the proof ?

I ask of Buddha’s real truth

I ask why politicians makes no sense?

But explanations flow thick and dense

I question them no more

At school I crave for education

Why does TV

emit lies and radiation?

Cause so many

dull sedation?

But they have not the accreditation

To explain to me this complex nation

Demagogues to me they’re not


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Poem: There could have been a moment in the sun

This poem hits you like it was written to.


There could have been a moment in the sun
when you would yearn for shade.
Or, once, when fires blazing burnt your face
(upon my eyes)
rough heat against your soft-
ening scent.
Like meteors burn their paths upon forbidding night
and blaze a scar upon my eyes
that only fades as I,
wake unto a new day’s memories.
Leave yours in my sleep.



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Wildly Cruel

Life is like a wilderness too, ain’t it?

Kerrie Ann Salsac | Writing for Life

Yet another day is dawning,

the sun chasing away the night.

The wilderness is bathed in light,

creatures large and small are yawning,

hunting to whet their appetite.


Lapping up the chilly water,

from rivers flowing to the sea.

They hide amongst the tall pine trees

so as to avoid their slaughter.

Building warm dens so not to freeze.


Wilderness, a cold and cruel place,

only the strong able to thrive,

every day a fight to survive

the evolutionary race.

Creatures enjoying being alive.


Whilst us humans assume our right

to be on top of the food chain,

look upon animals with disdain

whilst tucked up in our beds at night.

Yet consistently we complain.


Look out into the wild outside,

be thankful for your lot in life

though it is not devoid of strife.

Think of animals terrified,

their dreams filled with the hunter’s knife. 

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Shakespeare like you have never read, heard or seen it before.

Literary Parodies, Comic Verse and Whimsy by Max Scratchmann

A geezer of royal lineage took a kip on the beach one day,
When his brother from the chippy poured some poison down his way,
And they found his rotted body and declared that he was dead,
Until he rose twice nightly, and this is what he said:

“Oh send for my son, Hamlet, who lives on Morecambe sands,
And tell the lazy bastard he’s got murder on his hands.”
So Hamlet took the Stagecoach bus and arrived in princely style,
And ran into his father’s ghost along the Golden Mile.

He was walking down the darkened front, looking at ‘illuminations,
And there was his old father, standing tall between the stations.
“Yer took yer bleeding time, me lad, get yer arse over to the tower,
And kick yer no-good Uncle out, before the bugger seizes power.

He’s poisoned my chip butty,and had a bit of the other,
And now…

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Humourous Traffic News


Rozi Setiawan

I got this joke when my lecturer asked to translate it from Bahasa Indonesia into English (Translation Lecture). At the first, I didn’t catch the humor sense, but when i took a look thoroughly I found the humor sense. Have a nice reading..

Bonet’s parents have just got a big amount of money from a regular social gathering. It’s just great for the old men. Although they are just small traders, they can set aside their money and join together with their colleagues in the regular social gathering, and it’s their turn to get it. According to their promise, if they got the turn, they will buy a motorcycle for their only child, his name is Bonet.

In the afternoon, Bonet rides his new motorcycle. Suddenly, he stops the motorcycle for long time near to the traffic light in the fork of the road. Although the light is green, he…

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