Hugely nice piece

tHis tWisted yOuth

How I talked when I was little

Left so much to be desired

My innocence half sheltered lost

Growing compromised

For within this world of beauty

I saw fly tongues lick their legs!

And then I saw the news

The people needless dead

Was treated to a happy meal

On cattle brains was fed

And then they talked of Santa

Confused my mental anguish

Taught me bad things not to feel

I ask much more now I am six

But answers they conceal

I ask of God

What is the proof ?

I ask of Buddha’s real truth

I ask why politicians makes no sense?

But explanations flow thick and dense

I question them no more

At school I crave for education

Why does TV

emit lies and radiation?

Cause so many

dull sedation?

But they have not the accreditation

To explain to me this complex nation

Demagogues to me they’re not


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