I Will

I will reblog this wonderful Poem; I will!


I will unbitter your heart with honeyed words

I will unsour the taste that lingers in your mouth

Through my pure and gentle kisses


I will restore your trust and unbreak the broken

I will heal your soul

With loving ministrations of tenderness


I will give you strength and tranquility

I will support your struggles

I will guard your back

Against all comers


I will unbitter your heart

I will make you new again



David Trudel  © 2012



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A Dream to Share

A story that reaches deep

Renato Vasconcellos David

I have the story deep in my mind

The characters have all been aligned

The world immense and full of surprises

From spirits to different human species

All trapped in my fingers and paper

The belief that with it,sci fi would be greater

But the submissions came back and say maybe later

The Ideas exploding in my mind as my book sits in the dust

The campaigns of never giving up begin to rust

All my dreams seem to be lost in time

As my head screams my moms voice,”this is not worthwhile”

What to do to convince the world of the diamond in the rough

He thought all he needed was to be stubborn and tough

And as my spirit gives up my fingers keep speeding the fire

This my pain buried

my simple desire

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