Life is a swim in a vast ocean.

Every day is a swim in a vast ocean….

Sky Shelter

one day i was a fish
swimming with many other fish
within an arctic sea.

there were so many lines;
they came from the sky
and went down
and ended in cherry plastic.

fish who bit them were pulled up
into the surface
(where we were told never to go)
i’ve heard it’s a whole new world up there.

the red was beautiful
the surface was new
i bit.
(i couldn’t help it)
and rode a hook to the hole in the sky

out i shot.
who knew the surface was so free?
it’s a shame i’ll need to breathe soon.

but it’s alright; i’m just dreaming.

nobody would want a fish like me.

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Lucky to be here.



I feel

Like a bird, set free from my cage.

A rat who just escaped the death trap.

A lion who dodged a bullet.

A deer who outran his predator.

A sheep who outsmarted the wolf.

A dog who just gave out his first woof.

A cat who caught a butterfly and then let it free.

A girl who’s found her soul mate.

A warrior who’s come home from a bloody battle and lives to tell his tale.

A mother who holds her first child.

I feel, I feel, oh so lucky

to be born into a world

with so much to offer

with so much of depth

with so many stories

that it makes me almost miss a breath.

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I have found a home in myself.

‘I have found a home in myself’….. says a lot


i have long fingers

yet cannot gouge my eyes

remove them from my face

place them blinking on sticks,

to see myself,

would i seem more different than by reflection

could i gaze past that aura of mine,

with crooked nose and empty sockets,

eyebrows that move often with emotion,

cheeks still broad enough with flesh

to make a face round,

hair never fashioned in any style,

attraction is a composite

would i say i was handsome or defined,

i had drunk from the social nectar

but did not conform to tradition,

i would not be photogenic

or adorn glossy magazines,

lips that kiss and hold the most warmth,

are the best feature,

once cracked and pale with cigarettes and ale

now are more fulfilled,

age has grey iodized me

salt tainted beard and hair,

my face would not be Che on t-shirts,

yet i am loved by one


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Here’s A Poem…

I saw cruel, cruel world & I remembered I have something that starts with Cruel, cruel Death too.

I call it DEATH… look it up.

Nice poem….

⇢Willow Weeping⇠

So…I just found this poem in one of my many notebooks that I’ve filled, and it’s short but really…accurate. It amazes me sometimes, the things I come up with. 

People Seem

The frogs do croak

The crickets seem to chirp

As I ponder what goes on

And why things happen

In this cruel cruel world

Though still it turns

And still people burn

Because sin is but a word

In this cruel cruel world

Without a doubt we seem to ask

Why do our lives seem so vast

But when the answer is much too simple

Some doubt that they are still people

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Old friend

Nice piece…

Late Night Musings

It was when you walked
alone, heels clicked
flakes of hardened skin on your lips

the little girl dropped her gummies
the mother unaware
you watched as the girl flashed
her gummy, toothless smile
her small eyes, tried to focus
on your face

out in the cold you watched the steam
rise up, people ducked and hid their faces
as you watched, it sunk in:
loneliness was again at your door

this time, this time, you welcomed it
with an open heart, it’s place
ever reserved

this time, it didn’t feel so bad anymore
it was freeing, it was familiar
you found, your happiness
in loneliness

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