An older mother’s view of her new baby

Beautiful take!


“Thankyou Lord, for this little one you have blessed me with

So late in life.

I thought I had finished with four-hourly feeds,


Three-month colic,

Immunisation, teething problems …

All those ‘fringe-benefits’ that come with babies.

But here I am,

Up to my eyes in them.

After eight years, we’re starting all over again …

I feel young again, Lord.

What nicer thing could happen to a woman almost forty?

Knowing this is my last child makes me exquisitely aware of every moment.

Thankyou once more for letting me be a mother.

I would not have missed it for the world.”

– Charmaine Solomon

(noted 17/1/1979)


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I Cannot Love Like a Leper

“Putting all the odd bits and bobs of me out on a shelf, an eye, an ear, a favored toe.”

Indeed, Leper’s love is rare

Writer Moe

I love like a leper.

Putting all the odd bits and bobs of me
out on a shelf,
an eye, an ear, a favored toe.

Hobbling about on twinned islands, made for lamed people like us.
Painting other’s faces with mercury,
gazing with one longing good eye across the strait,
from our baths of virgins blood.

Begging bees to sting us, bring our nerves back to life.

You were never safe,
and now you’re dangerous.

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The Reason Why It Hurts The Way It Hurts

It just hurts more to be disappointed, than to be physically hurt

It's Written for You

Dear you,

This time I know, it would never be the same,

So many things have changed.

This time I know, we would never be the same.

When I’m giving up everything for you.


I still have many doubts. There are a lot of things on my mind.

Something’s telling me to leave but I won’t.

I’ve been waiting for so long but you’ll never know.


Tell me what am I supposed to do?

since you’re only happy when I’m wasted.


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Fairy Tale

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair

Serial Outlet

She sits with a tilted hip

In the posture of romance

Practiced down to fingertips

Through literature and dance

She thumbs pages in her head

Adopting Sleeping Beauty

Or lips imagined to be red

In a Snow White fantasy

And by turns she will believe

Her hair brushes the floor

Rapunzel in her tower keep

Awaiting him once more

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