Indeed today is always a day to give thanks, yet again. We again wait hopefully for tomorrow so we can do the same, yet again.


For You, For Life


Today is a day

to give thanks for

because you live a glorious life

Living within the bounds

of the mortal realm you imbue

all people and things with a beautiful purpose

You give

yourself for the treatment and betterment

of those close to you without discernment

which adds the chorus of sacrifice

to the melody of love – Teaching your family

the values you adhere to

not by words

by your sacred and profane acts

every single day

It is through these common lessons

that you inspire purpose, fortitude,

knowledge, strength, and beauty

to everyone who has eyes that see

and ears that hear

It is my wish for you to continue down

this path of attainment

for the betterment of society

I am compelled to thank you

for your contribution

to aiding an ailing society; know that

when you reach out to help…

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