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Arab Odyssey

I read Plato, Nietzsche and Marx, and I wonder.

I wonder what they would think of our Time’s Man of the Year, or our international agencies, or our peace treaties that do nothing but pause the tears.

I pickup my primary school Bible and put it side by side my Quran, and I wonder.

I wonder what my fellow Muslims would call me for having it in my possession.

“For understanding,” I would tell them, but they wouldn’t understand.

I listen to Mozart and Wagner, and I wonder what they would compose if they were still alive.

A symphony of humming bombs perhaps? Or would they have composed only for our so coveted “awards”? The only thing you should know about awards is that Mozart never won any.

I sit on the train and the child in front of me is playing a video game. He’s pressing uncountable buttons per…

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