Impressive piece

Liv By The Pen

Who on planet Earth can understand a woman

Like me?

You wouldn’t understand these hips,

These curves,

All you see is a toy to chew on,

To tear and rip as you please,

And think I can only beg at your knees.

You don’t know me, fool.

All you know is every woman’s shape,

The batting of her eyelashes,

The pink of her lips,

But that ain’t me.

You wanna deal with a real woman?

Then follow my lead.

I don’t beg like your puppy,

I don’t drool like you when you’re sleeping,

Naw, that just ain’t me.

I work too damn hard for you to be the farmer,

And for me to be your sheep.

Sorry, my pride ain’t for sale

And my lovin’ is not that cheap.

Just realize,

You gotta put in work for a woman like me.


I hope you didn’t think that this was

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