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There’s a well known lake side place near Rushton
That’s famous for fresh air and fun
Where Mr and Mrs Kipling went with Rudyard, their son
They did not think much of the lake side
The waves was fiddling and small
There was no wrecks and nobody drowned,
Fact nothing to laugh at at all.
So seeking further amusement they upped and went over the dam,
Where they discovered a steam train, a real one, not just a tram!
So paying their fare to the guard, they entered a carriage quite fine,
And before you could say Hallilujia
They were speeding along up the line.
Young Rudyard had heard about steam trains,
How they was ferocious and wild
And this one seemed so obedient
It did not seem right to the child.
So when they got to the station
Not showing a morsel of fear
He took his stick with…

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