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Mrs. Gage's Classroom

Here is film of our freshman English class Jan. 9.  I have a worksheet with lines from many different poems.  Your job is to mark the stressed and unstressed syllables in the lines and then come up with what type of meter it is.  The video shows us working on it together in class after some individual work time.

The lines are below if you do not have the worksheet. A “U” stands for unstressed, while a “/” stands for a stressed syllable.

Monometer = 1 foot
Dimeter = 2 feet
Trimeter = 3 feet
Tetrameter = 4 feet
Pentameter = 5 feet

Iamb U/
Trochee /U
Anapest UU/
Dactyl /UU

The sun glowed red at break of day

Meant in croaking, “nevermore.”

Touch her not scornfully

And the sound of a voice that is still

Gossiping grasshoppers

There was once a young man from Madrid

A narrow fellow in…

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