Different and so wonderfully so

Rosemary Witchridge

I am from an unanswered question of the imagination of a young child who, is just as content to wonder and form many answers to his ponder, then here one fact to end all possibilities.

I am from tattered lace that used to cover the hands of princesses as prices brushed them with their blossom bruised lips.

I am from my mother’s heart and my fathers soul.

I am from the glitter left on a pillow after dreamy talk to a strangers eyes.

I am from rusty tin boxes that have held many secrets in the squeaking of their hinges.

I am from the trembling of thin ankles.

I am from the dust filled velvet curtains of the theater, holding many stories to be told.

I am from the watery depths…. I am from my death.

I am from the middle of a horse’s eye.

I am from the mangy coat of a…

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