Welcome back to you glorious past

Soft Left

Poetry, once a part of my daily life and shared closely with my grandmother, has been an unknown pleasure for years now. It emerged unbidden and quite naturally one day, while engaged in an activity as part of a fellowship I attended on Leadership for Social Change ( www.iLEAP.org). We created a poster using a picture of ourselves, to express who we are, what we do, what is important to us, what our challenges are, what keeps us going and what the world that we want looks like. What emerged for me was some art work, and what flowed was a bit of poetry shared below.


From invisible sources we spring,

and Leap into the unknown;

Fed by rivulets

of great watersheds,

On and on we flow

along the maps of our lives.

Lamps, like milestones, appear;

Lit by others, by ourselves,

The oil and wicks courtesy the…

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