Indeed, ‘But the world balances itself in odd ways’.


The blind beggar kept walking down the desolate street; clearly he knew his way around the place. Suddenly, he stopped on the pavement, next to a mongrel who barely acknowledged his presence, looked up towards the sky he could never see and dropped down to his knees in prayer to a superior power which had taken his doors of perception from him, but he still believed he was lucky enough to even be alive and he had no one but god to thank for it. He did this every night; it was his payment to the almighty for helping him survive another day. He didn’t care for the textbook way to perform the Namaz, he did it in his own way, quoting the few fragments of the Koran he still remembered, which, at his age, was quite an impressive feat. After paying his respects to Allah, he got up and…

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