Nice bit of writing

Subhan Zein



Lord Brinasla felt in the beginning it was difficult for his ego to listen to someone much younger and yet much wiser. But after hearing what Kasheva had just said, he felt the truth had come to his eyes as bright as the sun. Surreptitiously he glanced at Lady Vanisla who, again, was resisting her smile but set her unblinking gaze at Kasheva. He then exchanged glances with Lord Vladiska who was also unable to disguise his amazement. Finally, he set his eyes at Lord Yishevna.

Lord Yishevna, oblivion to the situation, felt it was now the perfect time to strike. He had a high hope that this time Kasheva wouldn’t be able to give a satisfactory answer. He said, “Young man, what is life without art?”

Kasheva was silent, but it didn’t take long until he came up with an answer,


Life without art is a…

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