Nice piece…. I liked it very much


He started out with so much space.  The room was huge from want of stuff.  But when you’re born what do you own, except your life and mother’s love?  From there he went on to gain things, some toys and friends to help him grow, and words to help him understand the world the kind old sun did know.

At school his head was filled with facts and dates that marked the world’s mistakes.  He played some games and took some tests.  He went on dates and wore a vest.

The boy grew into a young man, his life shaped into hatching plans.  He traveled far and wide, found love, lost faith, bought time, and picked up tips on how to live from people he’d remember later when he was older, and alone, back in his house, with wife and children running wild, loud music on, windows throbbing, his pulse…

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