feelings does mock freedom, most times.


Sunday brings something

sinful to me, something simple, something slight.

lacking luster, lacking delight.

i wonder if, the pain will cover me-

in waves again.

Sunday brings something,

sinful to me, a strange empty, a feeling

which mocks the freedom, the freedom of everything,

as solitude rings into my ears. Something does

not feel right today, something feels like,

a slender thread tied to a disaster.

Pain comes in oceans, it comes in waves, it feels sharp

like broken glass or little shark-teeth, as the window brings the light.

Life feels strange, as a dog scratches, at my door again.

Life feels like something sinful,

something shocking but so hard,

to really remember,

the de ja vu,

have i been here before? Have i heard this before? A dream, which surpasses,

all memory.

in a flash of light without magic mirrors

without black smoke

i awoke.

in a passing state of…

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