Time after time, it come and goes, never ends or dies

Experimental Fiction

Slithering, stalking,
predatory time
hunting like an
irrepressible lizard.

Creeping, crawling,
inexorable progress
measured in passing
seconds, days and years.

Tracking, tracing,
haunting each day
with it’s quest
to capture and devour.

Challenging, chasing,
days remaining less
than those gone by
stolen by pursuing beast.

Inescapable, inexplicable,
medical powers useless,
spiritual beliefs fail,
in the face of its influence.

Enclosing, embracing,
it’s final hold
revealing to all
that time is life’s constant companion.

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I love the perspective

TOLU' Akinyemi's

For me the days are falling out of the basket
While other people gather days in more baskets
It is scary that one day, because I have run out of days
This basket would lie empty, and I would need to give it
To someone who would put it to better use.

I look up to see everyone around me looking forward to tomorrow
While I look away as I already know what to expect
The days are falling out of this basket and when it is empty
I will have no choice but to lay it down
This is a plea to whoever finds it, please put it to better use.

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