poems of my life

“ My Lfe is Ending “

My ife is ending

I found out today.

How much time do I have?

The doctors can’t say.

I think they know,

but they hold it back.

It really don’t matter,

time is on track.

I didn’t mean

to get this old.

Have fun, live it up, enjoy,

I was told.

But, now comes comeuppance,

And the piper is near.

I stand to lose all,

that I once held so dear.

It’s OK, I say.

We all have to die.

And it’s a comfort to know

the wherefore and why.

Bad habits and such,

have come to the fore.

It won’t be long,

Til I’m here no more.

So, as I face, the final forgiveness,

I reminisce my time on Earth.

And it seems to me,

I could have done better

But, I could have done worse.

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