Simply beautiful

Drop in the Ocean

Heart Pull

every now and then it returns

universe laughing at its ache

heart pulses like it will explode

so much love there it overflows

can it just let me forget you

a little peace without strange tears

your name mentioned by chance

stumbling across what you love

so the waterfall rushes over

acceptance it may be a lifetime

without you

universe does not allow me to forget

does the heart pull haunt you too?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

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Valentine in the air

The Poets of Holy Island

Valentine reminisce

Valentine Kiss


Oh! How love doth bay,
As moonlight strums the dawns ray,
In glory he doth glide,
The mackerel chased skies;
Winged feet in stride,
He flies, he flies
In mist we’ll sift:
To loves harmonic rift.
With the angels and the euphoric euphonic:
The prelude to throbbing love: their dower.
Indomitable spirits affray in the mating winds:
A force not to rescind,
Radiant in the shafts of heavens’ hues
They blaze and bask in divine dues
Engraved fates adorn heavens gates:
Ordained by God: a fixed mandate
Lips that lock in bliss:
Oh! Taste that immortal kiss!
Mealed vapours in tryst;
Seamless souls ride the erotic wave:
Tempestuous horizons, they brave

Extract from poem ‘Oh how love doth bay’ By Liza M Jones

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Music in the air and in my heart, right now.


Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 20.22.18

Elizabeth Bishop was one of the most celebrated American poets of the nineteenth century. Her work evidenced a keen eye for striking images, great verbal fluidity and rhythm, and a wit which lodges in the memory.

While poet peers such as John Berryman and Robert Lowell drew heavily upon their personal lives, Bishop, unwilling to become the ‘feminist poet’ or ‘lesbian poet’, steered clear of the fashionable autobiographical approach, and created a singularly artful universe through her poetry, whilst giving no less of herself to her work.

Bishop was, in addition, a highly talented painter. Her colourful, evocative visual art, while displaying a similar attention to detail and delicate-craft, stands distinct to her poetry,  yet complements it in interesting ways. Below is a selection of Bishop’s poems  and paintings, intended to serve as an introduction to this most affirming artist.

I Am in Need of Music

I am in need of…

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This is really nice….

Then it Started

If you can promise,
Never more I will
See your face.
Even in my minds eye.

Or hear your voice.
In whispered memory.

That you will unravel
Yourself from all
Signs that point
To your way.

Making a deal with the
Wind to blow till
You’re gone.

Then, and only, will
I grant you a


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