This reminds me of a very similar prose I wrote; WHERE’S MY WOMAN


this is exactly
what i should be doing

splayed out on the grass soaking in the green
my toxic week leaks into mother earth
let the bitters dissolve
cajole with the underworld
and relieve the disturbances up here

mother earth sucks me hard against her bumpy surface
into her cosmic tendrils
like a sponge in a centrifuge
compost my sickness, Great Mother Gaia

pull this turmoil out of my cells and into your sacred vastness
hold me tight i surrender
i can feel your thirsty roots
wrap their lovely green arms around me

i am soaking up your green and your brown
your crystalline vibration
your wondrous gaia-ness

i surrender to you, Great Mother
my eyes drink in the green against blue
my skin against your skin

this is exactly
what i should be doing

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Illuminating in more ways than one….

A sentence you render
on yourself will not stand.

It’s not your responsibility,
or even your privilege

to punish yourself for the
crimes you’ve committed.

I’m not impressed and
neither will the jury be,
by your pre-emptive

Here stands a man.
Diminutive. Small.
Unsure and heavy,
weighted down by
imagined retribution.

But you don’t understand.
You’ve always loomed
large in my life.

The real trial won’t begin until
you have forgiven yourself.

We all come to judgement in the end.
Will you be strong enough to bear it?

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Beautiful…. It is more so because these are my exact feelings & thoughts.

Just some poetry

I want to write
and have words flow out of me onto paper
sculpting that dead tree into something
that’s so full of story it is rendered alive once more

I want to change lives
with the plots that intertwine with real life
like vines that help the reader to climb higher
so that they can achieve their wildest dreams

I want to be eloquent
making everything seem so easy as I concoct each sentence
allowing anyone who stumbles upon my words to get lost
and only be found when they so choose

I want to be an author
not for the fame or the fortune
but instead to build my life around an understanding and empathy
that can only be achieved through words

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