The structure is marvelous

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Moving through
what could be
then again
nothing seems…
And the truth within.
Outcomes and platitudes,
the world is not getting better.

Todays’ economy continues to plummet,
tomorrow will not be another day,
rather a future without a legacy.
Certainty without certainty.
Without hallmarks
we sit in silence of catastrophe.
Children dying.
Children lying.
Covet thou in praise we sing-
Yesterdays failure
is today again.

I am not.
I am.
I am not but could be.
I should…
I was…
Once again
I will

wish you all
a very merry,
a happy,
a new
And the American way;
cosmonauts and air-o-planes,
peanut butter and jam,
the wishing stone,
and another one bites the dust.

An old scale
runs through my veins
resting deftly
atop my heart.
Wondering when will it stop.
Hickory dickory dock.

A little girl atop a tree
asks, “Will you rescue me?”
The mouse…

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