well written piece


No more under the glare

Of an unrelenting island sun,

Where stark absolutes kept me

A blind stumbler among lotus eaters.

Where an implacable brightness subtracted mystery and possibility

From the air, and left me gasping.

I turn to this City

Perpetually at dawn,

Renewing itself.

My grey eyes and her grey skies

Infinitely mirroring.

Joy returns

In a cloud of grey moths,

Landing on my frame,

Every inch aflutter with dusty grey wings.

My feet lightening

Midstride on her grey sidewalks,

Passing her grey towers.

Each sole strike a playful lovers nudge:

Are you awake?

Listen to

Her sweet humming melody

Constant behind the noisy clamor,

Constant behind this loud show of the shades of life.

I embrace you

My soft grey shadow,

My beloved companion,

And breath deeply.

Content at last.

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