Would love to read the paper after this…..

Thoughts Out Loud

A poem I wrote as a preface to a paper for a presuppositional apologetics class.

The Myth of Neutrality

Common thought in coffee shops,

 Where cream is stirred, along with thoughts.

This notion of neutrality. 


The battle with truth rages,

Suppressed indeed, ne’er evaded.

The foolish soul is restless still.


Minds swim in a caffeine sea,

“I’m not biased, be more like me!”

This foolish common argument. 


This loud thrashing, drowning man,

Red-handed caught with contraband.

He’s never neutral, nor are we.

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  1. Thanks for reposting! I’ve never had someone repost anything of mine, so its a neat first experience! Also, I may post the paper after it is returned to me. It may need more refining before I put it on the internet! 😀 Glad you enjoyed the poem!

    1. I did…. It is a neat piece. Thanks for sharing…..
      I follow lots of poetry blogs & I worry I might miss the paper when you finally put it on you blog.
      So would it be too much trouble to ask you to alert me when you do….



  2. Never neutral.. Reminded me of a recent thought read here on wordpress that our minds are not free, they do belong to be always influenced by someone or something.. Great job!!!

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