Well written piece

Brian Royce Faulkner

Two splendrous blazing stars are we
That beam and flare supremely far
Separately, more sun than sun
In glorious strength of brightness rare
That fewest men would ever dare,
Exalted past all time and space,
Sublime in our magnificence,
And highest of all earned high things,
Which all the choir of life-love sings
For passionate, joyous triumphings
That we have known and loved and felt,
And to each other inly knelt.

Alone up in these gorgeous skies,
That can but mirror faces clean,
Yet nothing of ourselves are seen
That show to us who, looking, see
The future of our memory.
For we are past them, out of sight,
A shooting star in empty night,
A vessel sent on unknown tide
That glorifies our deepest pride;
A rocketship escaped from earth
From which we saved our brilliant worth;
A place apart, our separate sphere,
Our highest height, that has no…

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