Unique…… Weird but different in nice odd way

Angst Anarchy

Night skyI awoke to the sounds of the alarm
Blaring, screaming,
Wake up, get up, get your lazy ass up

Immediately, start the day, start it up
Rev it high and then change gears
Smoothly first to second,
The engine bucks and you jerk

The hot water gasps and sputters
Time to start the race
Put on your runnin shoes

The radio talks, it sings, it mumbles
Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell
Get up, start

Don’t stop until it’s done,
until the sky changes color
until you see the holes cut out of heaven

Keep truckin
Keep dancing to the rugged day
Keep jive-in

Let the day flow, walk, move, dress, choose
Fill your head until it spins
Until it smacks you behind the eyes so hard it stings

Keep it up
Keep chugging
Don’t stop
Don’t drop the ball

Forget and then suddenly remember

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