Powerful piece

Three Past Ten

The trees bend their branches away from the Sun
As you move in with the clouds on a solemn mission.
A quick flash of the truth, then the apologies come
And the rain hits like bloody mist of a dirty deed done.

You wipe at your face then stare deep into mine
Your eyes well with regret, yet still look so divine.
The wind rages, carrying whispers of another time
When what we were was possible for me to define.

The flood waters rise and nearly sweep me away.
A dream that they would, as I’ve nothing to say.
You desperately wish that I’ll join the exchange
After the silence and storm have finally waned.

True, the Heavens will soon cease their wretched abuse,
And rainbows will arch over your unfortunate truths.
The sky will clear up, and the sunlight will suffuse,
And these rain-rattled streets will shine like brand…

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