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Beholding a beautiful beast
entranced by a smile
I linger a while…
Immersed in a sea of pillows,
embraced again,
by a beautiful thing i may not be able to keep.
Captured in a moment of what I can only describe as contentment
I allow lips to grace my neck.
Savoring this simple touch,
Trying to remember how long it has been
Since someone decided to do that…
I retrace the steps that brought me to this bed,
this moment,
this man.
I lie still gently drawing shapes upon his forearm with my fingertips
recollecting the moments before
when those eyes drew me in for a moment
inviting my body to move in sync,
when those lips threatened to take control of my destiny
even if it was just for one night.
Mind swimming in libations,
joy radiating from me like a soft warm glow
he saw me,
in a…

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