Life is but a rose

Lovely piece

Shadows Cast By The Street Lights

My hands are chained

But in them I hold a rose

Fresh and blossoming with life

So far from the grave

Like you said I was

As you breathed in me

And kissed my neck


Yet it

Was but a trick

To send a school girl high

“What a pretty girl you are “

He said

Before stealing me from mother

My bed


“Be with me always,

On my bedroom wall”

Were his words before he chained me

Placed a flower in my hands

To represent my life


Now I


This treasure

As a bargain

Unchain me and I will give you

As much life

As this rose contains

For as long as you are willing for me to last

For I am like the rose

Fragile and easy

To crush


Days on

And I am still chained

Rose still at hand

Slowly drooping


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Really nice

Grace Within Grace

In a dark cold night of the soul
I linger on the impossible God
In blindness and hopelessness
Everything becomes terrors
In frustration and desperation
Love and forgiveness are unreachable
In this dark night that I pray
For the warm sunshine to come into my room window
For the flower out there to survive through the night
For the heart here to rest gently in the storm

Faith is wavering, but only requires to wait
Love is too ideal, but mere acceptance with nothing in return
Freedom is nonexistence, except in grace
Grace is everything, but the most in suffering
Suffering never ends, so grace never not flowing.

In the night I keep praying…

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Our Little Planet

Nice piece

blissfullysedated's Blog

It is a sight of drowning despair
Where war between love and disdain
Strains to become an unforgivable pain
We fight when we can bring peace
Shadowed by love in this world
Its like humanity never existed
Where love is felt to be a weakness
While heartlessness the greatest strength
Its a deplorable sight to bear
Hate and lie and vain stretch beyond the plain
Too far for my eyes to even follow
A never-ending share of unwanted chain
This show of lacking care
Has only one outcome
However damned this planet be
Its best for us to close our eyes
And dream on and on
Knowing that we destroyed it all
And alas! Its the Creater we blame
For every pain that came ourway
And this lamented night
Tainted with excruciating torment
How I wish I could change it all
Roll a dice and make this evil fall

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