Lovely piece

Shadows Cast By The Street Lights

My hands are chained

But in them I hold a rose

Fresh and blossoming with life

So far from the grave

Like you said I was

As you breathed in me

And kissed my neck


Yet it

Was but a trick

To send a school girl high

“What a pretty girl you are “

He said

Before stealing me from mother

My bed


“Be with me always,

On my bedroom wall”

Were his words before he chained me

Placed a flower in my hands

To represent my life


Now I


This treasure

As a bargain

Unchain me and I will give you

As much life

As this rose contains

For as long as you are willing for me to last

For I am like the rose

Fragile and easy

To crush


Days on

And I am still chained

Rose still at hand

Slowly drooping


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