Well written


Rambling on and about,

Words bold and stout

A writers mighty tool

A plaything for a fool


In a sense, all the same

As is angry, as is tame

In a sense different still

White paper with a black fill


In my mind together they are

The word near the word far

A dandelion, maybe a rose

Sometimes far, sometimes close


Explanation, all the same

Be it angry or be it tame

Letters ordered, all demanding

Woven into understanding


Speak a sentence

Speak it clear

Make it far, make it near

Make it different, make it same

Make it angry, make it tame…

Make it a rose, or a lion of dande

Make it sweet as cotton candy

Make it gentle on the heart

Like a blackberry tart

Make it pleasant for the ears

So it will be remembered for years…

Make it sour as a…

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